Learn how to Decorate Bedroom the Southwestern Style


When you are talking about decoration of Southwestern theme, we are normally focus on the style that you will see in the southwestern of the United States, which have an appeal of Native American and Mexican. It is unique for you to decorate your bedroom with southwestern style due to its rough textures, bright colors and lots of usage of handmade items that reflects the Southwestern area. You will find various kind of method that you can use whenever you want to incorporate southwestern style into your bedroom and below are some of the guidelines that you can learn and apply to your own bedroom.

To decorate bedroom with southwestern style, you need:

  • Choose suitable Southwestern colors
  • Bedroom
  • Throw pillows
  • Bright throw rugs
  • Vibrant colored blanket
  • Southwestern textiles
  • Southwestern decor elements
  • Traditional figurines
  • Plants

Decorating Bedroom with Southwestern Style

Learning How to Decorate your Bedroom with Southwestern Style

  • First thing that you need to do is to determine the color normally incorporate with the southwestern style which is vibrant and bold. Its colors always reflect the colors of the desert, canyons and sunset.
    • Most of the style and colors are bright such as cactus-inspired green, deep purple that you usually can see during sunset, turquoise, bright sun-yellow, plus also clay-orange which is also one of the rainbow color of the southwestern area.

Apart from colors, you can also make use of bright throw rug and lay it down on the floor while for those who already have throw pillows can simply accent them on your bedroom or even place a blanket across your chair in order to create the southwestern feel within the bedroom.

  • Southwestern theme also include usage of tans, browns and black colors in order to offset some of the brighter color items used within the bedroom like rugs, wall hangings and artwork.
    • For those of you who like to add variety, texture and balance to your bedroom, it is good to have hardwood flooring and ceiling beams, leather upholstered furniture, sandy-colored stucco walls and pottery.
    • You will always find black color in Southwestern bedroom which usually come in the form of ironwork within the room like hand railing, lamps, wine racks and also artwork.
  • Always make use of natural materials such as Knobby pine which is the most appropriate wood that you can find in the southwestern area and it is suitable for decorating your bedroom with southwest theme.
    • You can make use of furniture that is made of knobby pine wood as well as other natural and textured wood.
    • It will be much better if you would be able to maintain the furniture’s condition as its original look so that you can enjoy its natural beauty within your bedroom.
  • You can choose your preferred colors from Southwestern palette and paint the walls with bold and bright colors.
    • As for the bedroom, you need to use Soft colors in order to create soothing area in your bedroom.
    • You must not forget and consider soft yellow or turquoise as well as neutral sand.
  • Textiles are heavily used for decoration in the southwestern areas.
    • For example, you would be able to see furniture upholstery, rugs, bedding and window treatments designed with rough fabrics similar to a Mexican serape.
    • All of the mentioned textiles come with attractive patterns of stripes as well as geometric shape created with bold southwestern color style.
  • Most of the people in the Southwestern area still decorate their bedroom with Native American or Mexican traditional figurines which sometimes normally fits in
    • As for decoration purposes, they usually make use of the gecko which is also the lizard that lives in many places in the southwest area.
    • Usage of Kokopelli (which are one of the fertility commonly used in southwest decorating, plus it is also a symbol of fertility normally used for any southwestern people.
    • Seamlessly Native American or Mexican-inspired figurines similar to a southwestern theme.
  • Try also to make use of plants like Cactus plants.
    • It is normal for cactus plans should be having variety of sizes and shapes.
    • There are several types of cactus plants that you can choose in order to add interest into the bedroom.
    • Make sure that you are placing them in suitable areas especially if there are lots of various in our office.

In order to add more interest to the bedroom d├ęcor, you need to paint the accent wall located behind your headboard with complementary color. Make sure to make use of a darker color.

  • Finally, the southwestern style for decorating bedroom also include the usage of various type of lightings which include brass candlesticks, oil and kerosene lamps, sconces, wrought-iron lamps, hurricane lamps and tin lanterns.
    • Besides that, you can also include weathered, wrought-iron, or wooden chandeliers in order to provide the lighting along with its cozy ambience.
    • In addition, natural light also plays a major part in southwestern theme where we will ensure that open windows and doorways would be able to allow penetration of clean blue skies and bright sunshine to enter the bedroom.

    Always remember that whenever you want to decorate your bedroom with Southwestern style

    • You should always remember to add more of your interest or interest into the bedroom.
    • At the brighter end of the spectrum, you have red, rust, pink, purple, orange and yellow, reminiscent of vibrant yet peaceful sunrises and sunsets, wildflowers and rock formations, exclusively observed in the Southwestern region. Blue will always represent the big sky country, along with turquoise stone, and also providing life supporting Mountain Rivers.

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