Hardened Steel Turning Methods


Turning hardened steel is a method that you can make use of whenever you want to remove metal from the outer surface of a cylindrical piece of steel. If you already have a cylindrical work piece, you can just feed it into a turning machine so that you will be getting the result that you want. In other word, this method is used for reducing the diameter of the cylindrical metal to a new dimension that you required for certain purpose. Besides that, turning hardened steel enables you to polish the outer surface and provide a new look and nicer finish to the steel. Another reason why the metal piece is being turned is because some of us wanted the adjacent part of the steel to have dimensions which is different from the other side.

To hardened steel, you need:

  • Carbide insert
  • Rotary cutting
  • Turn milling
  • Using laser cutting

Methods in Hardening Steel

Hardened Steel Turning Methods

  • One of the most common methods being used for turning hardened steel is by using carbide inserts
    • The carbide inserts help generate high temperature and rotate the steel with very high speed.
    • Even the cutting temperature used in this method is also exceptionally high, so that its calibration would be able to be adjusted to minute degrees.
    • The method also uses the chip tool interface that enable you to create optimal thermal friction
    • Once the upper surface of the metal has been removed, a high pressure coolant will be added in order to avoid chipping and breaking of the metal.
  • Another method is by using the rotary cutting which requires you to insert the hardened steel into the machine
    • Once the steel is inside the machine, it will rotate on its own axis as the outer surface of the steel is being cut.
    • This technique also enables the hardened steel to be driven externally.

The rotary cutting method can also make the hardened steel turned obliquely. This can be done due to the usage of a chip that allows self-propelling of the steel. There are several cutting tools being used to press against the hardened steel so that you can produce a high-quality finish metal.

  • Other alternatives to use for turning hardened steel are by using the turn milling method.
    • It is a new method being introduced for precision machining of hardened steel in order to create symmetrical work pieces.
    • The turn milling technique has the ability to produce specific kinematic conditions that leads to superior surface quality outcome of the product.

Whenever you choose the turn milling method, the life of the turned steel would be increase compared to other method like the traditional methods of lathe room machining.

  • Concentrated laser beams can also be used for turning and cutting hardened steel.
    • However, this technique is an expensive process and only to be find in a large lathe rooms.
    • The circular output done by laser cutting is very precise and it can be calibrated to the fraction of a millimeter.
    • The laser beam has high intensity which can be set enabling you to add slots right into the metal cylinder. The mentioned slots can be set according to precise intervals on the cylinder.
    • Apart from that, the laser system can even cut complex part of your hardened metal.

    Always remember that if you want to hardened steel using any methods mentioned above,

    • Always wear protective gear such as hand gloves, mask, suitable clothes as well as goggle for protecting your eyes from any danger.

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