How to Use Wind to Generate Electricity


The process of using wind assisted power for creating electricity is also known as the wind energy. When you use a wind turbine system, it would be able to convert the wind’s kinetic power into mechanical power that will in the end turns into electricity via the usage of its generator. Wind is a natural, clean and also renewable energy source that has the capability to produce electricity and providing energy to millions of household and business premises. The wind is created through movement of the air produced by the uneven heating coming from the surface of our earth by the sun. Nowadays, wind energy is mainly used in producing electricity and helps us save on our electricity bills if we use grid-tied power energy.

To use wind for generating electricity, you need:

  • Wind Turbines kit
  • Horizontal-axis wind turbines or Vertical–axis wind turbines
  • Size of wind turbines
  • Wind Energy

Using Wind to Generate Electricity

How to Use Wind to Generate Electricity

  • In order to use wind to generate electricity, you can simply use the wind turbine system.
    • The blades from your wind turbines produce kinetic energy from the wind speed.
    • It works immediately after the wind flows over the airfoil shaped blades causing lift that will in the end turns the turbine.
    • These turbine blades are normally connected to a drive shaft inside the turbine that enables the generator to be turned on and producing electricity.

By switching to alternative sources of power like the wind energy, you would be able to save more than 70% on payment for your utility bill.

  • There are two main categories of wind turbines being used nowadays. The categories are based on the direction of its rotating shaft.
    • The common type of wind turbines is the horizontal-axis wind turbines designed with turbine blades that looks like airplane propellers.
    • As for the other type of wind turbines is the Vertical–axis wind turbines designed with blades that go from the top to bottom which are seldom used today.
  • You will notice that the size of wind turbine is different according to the purpose of using the system.
    • Small turbines are normally being used for a single home or business where its capacity is less than 100 kilowatts.
    • As for large commercial size wind turbines would be able to cater a capacity of up to 5 megawatts. The large turbines are commonly being grouped with the wind farms providing energy to the electricity grid.

Wind farm enables you to see dozens of wind turbines build scattered over a large area of the farm.

  • The wind energy is considered as one of the cleanest source of energy produced domestically.
    • Apart from that, the wind energy helps you maintained a good and healthy environment to live in. It saves the environment by not polluting the air that we breathe or even produce any atmospheric emissions that pollute the surrounding air.

    Always remember that if you want to use wind to generate electricity,

    • You need to know the main challenge of the wind energy like the intermittence speed of the wind and also trouble of having no wind when you require power from the system.

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