Hiding a brick fence

Hide a Brick Fence

Brick fence post has become one of the ways to protect your property well. It is considered one of the best ways, in terms of brick fence, to secure your property well. There are many ways and designs to build your brick fence post, and there are even more ways to hide it, but overall the process is not that complicated. Most people like to have a more authentic look when it comes to their brick fences. In this way, passersby can see it and there will be no unwanted intruders as well. It\’s strange to think that there are also people who would like to hide their brick fences. Making your brick fences invisible is the right option for those who would like to show their yard or garden with beautiful plants and flowers. A lot of those who fancy a hidden brick fence like it, as it gives their yard a better and more natural look.

If you want to achieve a yard with a brick fence to have a more natural look, the option that you have to do is to hide the brick fence. It is not complicated, and you can do this project by yourself. If you have someone to help you, it\’s even better. Here are the steps on how to do it.

You will need:

  1. Bushes
  2. Spade
  3. Landscape objects
  4. Vines
  5. Paint


  1. First, start by planting some bushes or shrubs along the front of your brick fence. Choose the bushes that you find suitable and how fast they will grow. You can find a wide variety of sources where you can be obtained enough information such as at the local nursery. If you choose mature plants, they will grow quicker, than younger plants but cost you more. Roses and lilacs are among the most popular bushes to plant along a brick fence.
  2. Add vines along the fence. You can choose a wide variety of vines to plant. Choose the vines with the same criteria of choosing bushes and shrubs. Planting vines over bushes require less maintenance and takes less time to grow.
  3. Use your imagination and be creative. There are many ideas of how to achieve a different look for brick fence. You can either paint it green so it can easily blend in with the plants and grass. Or you can paint the fence the same color as the exterior of the house or shed to make it less noticeable. You can combine different colors and styles in the brisk fence, this can make the brick fence more attractive if done creatively.
  4. Various objects can be placed along the top of the fence or in front of the wall. Although they won\’t hide or cover the fence, they still can provide a different look rather than a plain looking wall. Flowerpots will also look wonderful to put on top of the fence as well as birdbath that you can place in front of the fence.

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