Making a Wine Rack Out Of Coat Hanger

Make A Wine Rack Out Of Coat Hangers

If you like to show your wine collection in an elegant and stylish way, building a wine rack into an existing kitchen cabinet is a good idea. But, if you prefer to go the secretive way about your wine collection then making a wine rack out of coat hangers is the perfect solution for you. This way, you not only get to keep your wines in a secluded place, you also get to hide them underneath coats. It\’s not a difficult task at all, provided you have the right tools and instructions to help you in this project. Ideally, a wine rack is not just a simple wine rack. It can be created in different themes and designs, just the way you want yours it to be. If you are a wine lover and have a massive collection of wine, be it empty bottles or full ones, you definitely should create one for you.

If you have lots of disposable coat hangers and wine bottles, why not turn them into closet coat hanger wine rack. It is fast, easy to make and it is a good way to recycle coat hangers that will only go to waste. Turn these coat hangers into a cool wine rack with these steps.

You will need:

  1. Wire coat hangers
  2. pliers (optional)
  3. wine bottles
  4. closet


  1. First, find some of the coat hangers that you can get from the dry cleaners. Make sure that they are all metal and not the ones with a bar of cardboard at the bottom. Find a wine bottle which is already empty to bend the coat hangers on.
  2. Then, start by bending the bottom of the coat hanger around the middle of the wine bottle until it looks like ¾ of a circle. The part will support the body of the wine bottle. Stretch the hanger out until it is long and thin. You could also hold the coat hanger with a hook.
  3. Bend it over the coat bar in the closet bending the spot where the corners used to be. Bend the hook all over the way into a circle and then bend it down so as to help hold the neck of the wine bottle.
  4. Next, try and fit a wine bottle in it. You may take some time to fit the wine bottle just right. Make sure to position the bottle\’s neck down once you fit in the bottle into the coat hanger rack to prevent it from slipping out.
  5. You could save as many wine bottles as you want by making more coat hangers racks. Hide your wine bottles from prying eyes and kids by hanging shirts in front of your wine. This is very important to ensure nothing bad happens for the kids and for the wines as well.

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