Homemade Static Control in the Laundry

Whenever there is any buildup of electrical charges on your fabric, static will start to form on your laundry which is very annoyance and it frustrates you even more once your clothes start to cling onto your body. It starts to get more irritating the most when the winter months started. Clothes will start to cling regularly onto your body and sometimes your children love to run on the carpet towards you in their attempt to do finger-electrocution on you just for fun. In order to reduce the problem of static in the laundry, you can use dryer sheets and liquid fabric softeners. Through the article, you would be able to learn a few tips in controlling static problem in your laundry.

To create homemade static control in the laundry, you need:

  • Homemade Dryer Sheets
  • Spray bottle
  • Warm water
  • Hair conditioner
  • White Vinegar
  • Borax Powder
  • Unused rags or cut-up squares from your old t-shirt
  • Essential oil
  • Liquid fabric softener

Creating Homemade Static Control in the Laundry

Homemade Static Control in the Laundry

  • One item that you can make use to control static in your laundry is by using store-bought dryer sheets.
    • You can also make your own homemade dryer sheet if you want to.
    • First thing that you need to do is to fill your empty spray bottle with a mixture of warm water and hair conditioner. Mix them well before you spray the mixture before you spray onto unused cut-up squares of rags or old t-shirts.
    • Then, throw the material into your dryer together with your other laundries to control the static problems.
  • You can also use white vinegar to control static problem in the laundry.
    • All you need to do is just add 1/4 cup of white vinegar onto the rinse cycle of your washer that would be able to expel your static problem.
    • Another option is to soak the white vinegar onto unused rags or cut-up squares from your old t-shirt before you throw them into the dryer together with your laundry.
    • If you want your clothes to smell good, all you need to do is to drop some essential oil to the rag or drop it directly into the rinse cycle of your washer.
  • Another household product that you can use is the borax powder that can help make your clothes soft and also reduce static.
    • You need to add 1/4 cup of borax powder into your washer together with the laundry. This method could help you control static problem in the laundry.
  • One more item that you can use to prevent static in laundry is by adding liquid fabric softener especially during your rinse cycle. This will help reduce your clothes from having static clingy feel on your clothes.

Make sure that right after drying your clothes along with a dryer sheet, you must keep the used sheet inside your drawer. The dryer sheet helps freshen up the clothes that you keep in the drawer. Apart from that, you can also rub a dryer sheet on clothes that you want to wear, which can also help you reduce the static.

Other Tips that you use to control static in the laundry include,

  • Throwing your clingy clothes into your dryer and make sure you turn on low heat with a damp washcloth for at least 10 minutes. By doing this method, you would be able to keep the air in your dryer moist thus reducing the static problem.
  • Then, you need to air-dry your slightly damp clothes to help keep static from forming back again onto the laundry.
  • Another tip that you can use is by running a metal hanger down the inside of your pants leg so that it will break all electrical charge which causes the static.
  • Always ensure that the air in your house will not be getting too dry because warm or even dry climates can create static electricity. Apart from that, you should add a few house plants inside your house and always keep them watered enabling the plant to help humidify the air within your home.

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