How to Oil Dryer Drum Bearings

Your clothes dryer is usually equipped with motor bearings and in order to produce an easy rotation during the drying cycle, it requires a regular maintenance. If you hear a squealing or scraping sound during the operation of the dryer, you need to check the drum bearings. If you find that there are any damaged bearings you need to replace it immediately or if it is still in good condition, you just have to oil the bearings. The maintenance work that you need to do is a simple task, even you can do it on your own.

To oil dry drum bearings, you need:

  • Flat screwdriver or putty knife
  • Screwdriver or socket and drive
  • Lubricating oil
  • Precision oil dropper

Oil Dryer Drum Bearings

How to Oil Dryer Drum Bearings

  • First thing that you need to do is to pull away the dryer and place it in a spacious work area and unplugged its power cord away from your wall outlet.
    • Then, you need to remove the top panel from the dryer enabling you to access the inside of your existing dryer’s cabinet.
    • The process of removing the top panel is not the same and different between a specific dryer. You can also consult the dryer’s owner’s manual so that you would be able to know how to remove the main top panel.
    • Another option of removing the panel is by prying the front edge of the panel away from the dryer cabinet by using a flat screwdriver or putty knife.
    • Then, you need to lift the top panel from the dryer and leave it in an upward position in order for you to gain access to the inside of the dryer’s cabinet.

Make sure that you unplugged its power cord from your wall outlet.

  • The next step is for you to remove the screws found on the front of your dryer panel by using an appropriate flat screwdriver or putty knife.
  • Then, you need to disconnect the door switch wiring harness that you can see at the front panel’s top. You will find the switch control either on the left or right side of the dryer’s cabinet but this usually depend on the brand of the unit.
    • If the dryers come with a front control panel, you have to disconnect its wiring before removing the screws by holding the panel using your flat screwdriver or putty knife.
  • The front panel need to be lifted in order to detached the bottom clips of the dryer’s cabinet
    • You will now be able to draw the front panel out of the dryer’s cabinet
    • Place the front panel in a safe area
  • The next item you need to locate is the motor shaft and idler pulley assembly below the dryer’s drum
    • Again depending on the model of the unit, it should be either on the left or right side of the dryer’s drum.
    • Then, press the idler pulley toward the drum in order to reduce the dryer’s belt tension before removing it from the idler pulley and motor shaft.
  • Then, you need to take hold of the top edge of your dryer drum and draw it away from the dryer’s cabinet
    • Place the dryer drum in a safe area
  • You will find the motor shaft bearing at the bottom of your dryer’s cabinet
    • Now you would be able to check whether the bearing is damage or not
    • Replace it if it is damaged.
  • You can apply two drops of lubricating oil onto the front and rear of your motor shaft bearing
    • Spin the motor shaft to allow the oil to seep inside the bearing.
    • Take your dryer’s drum and return it into the dryer’s cabinet and onto the rear guide wheels.
  • Press the idler pulley toward the dryer’s drum and loop its belt around your idler pulley and motor shaft before releasing the idler pulley in order to return tension onto the dryer’s belt
  • You need to place the front panel onto your dryer’s cabinet
    • Screw the front panel tightly.
    • You need to connect the door switch wiring harness on the top of the front panel to the control panel’ wiring harness.
    • Screw them securely.
  • Finally, you need to place the top panel back to the dryer’s cabinet
    • Make sure to press the front corners of the panel to secure it in place.
    • Plug the unit power cord to your wall outlet and test its operation.

      Always remember that if you want to oil dryer drum bearings,

      • Make sure you check the bearings thoroughly.
      • If it is damaged, dirty or loose you should be replacing the bearing with a new one.

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