How to Remove the Handle from a Hoover Floormate


If you have hard floor in your house, you can just use an upright Hoover Floormate to clean the area. Using the Hoover Floormate is like using a wet/dry vacuum designed with brushes. It is always reliable to have the Hoover Floormate for cleaning your hard floor, to also remove daily dust and debris, plus also capable of washing hard floors like vinyl and sealed wood. In order to use the appliance, you have to use a cleaning solution on your floor through a tank on the unit, brushed the solution to loosen up any grime before you start to vacuum the cleaning solution together with all the loosened dirt and debris. However, the appliance sometimes needs repair and maintenance. In order to repair some parts or cleaning the main body of the appliance, you have to remove the handle from your Hoover Floormate. Before you can remove the handle, in some models you need to disassemble certain parts of the unit enabling you to access its securing screws on the handle’s front.

To remove the handle from a hoover floormate, you need:

  • Phillips-head screwdriver

Removing the Handle from a Hoover Floormate

How to Remove the Handle from a Hoover Floormate

  • First thing that you need to do is to make sure that you have turned off the power supply and the switch is always in the ‘Off’ mode.
    • While the power cord of your Hoover Floormate has been pulled off from your wall outlet.
  • You will also find a latch on the top of the appliance solution tank where you need to press it
    • Then pull it away from the front of the Hoover Floormate’s handle.
    • Once done, you can find the screw at the base of your handle
    • Use your Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the screw.

You will find that some of the Floormate models do not have screws at its folding handles. Always hold the handle in an upright position and near the base of the cleaner. In order to release its handle from the vacuum, you need to hold the cleaner firmly using your free hand.

  • Next step for you to do is to go to the back of your Hoover Floormate appliance to look for the two screws that secure the handle to the body of the unit.
    • Remove the two screws using your Phillips-head screwdriver and once finished, you would be able to remove the handle off the unit.

    Always remember that whenever you want to remove the handle from a Hoover floormate,

    • Do not start any of your maintenance tasks unless you are very sure that you have switched off the unit and unplug the power supply from your wall outlet.
    • Before you start to any cleaning solution on the unit, you must check the Hoover Floormate’s tank whether it is empty or not. If it is not empty, you need to empty the tank and clean the tank at your sink. You can lift the latch found at the rear of the unit to remove its lid. Once the tank is emptied, clean it; rinse it before replacing the lid back onto the tank.
    • Whenever your Hoover Floormate encountering any dry debris and the debris is too big to fit through the unit’s squeegee, you have to push down its handle in order to make the cleaner lean slightly forward.

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