Houseplant Water Disease

Gardening is a hobby that is dear to many people. Gardeners take a long time before planting to analyze the soil, the temperature and the weather. Everything is done accordingly so that the plant will not suffer after it has been planted. For those who enjoy the process of gardening and have a special love for this hobby must know how difficult and close planting a plant or tree must be. For the tree or plant that has been planted with love to have something that is killing it silently and slowly, it’s hard for loving gardeners to leave it as it is. The best and quickest way to solve this problem is to find a way to eliminate these viruses from eating our beloved plants.

Your home or office houseplants are a beautiful and an interesting addition to the environment. For that, you need to keep them properly so the houseplants can grow and thrive. However too much of watering your houseplants can bring to a common disease development, which can disturb the health of your plants. Here are the things that you should know about the houseplants water disease.

  1. Fungus growth is among the problems promoted by excess watering. Root rot and crown rot are two fungal disease that are resulted by the fungi Phytophora and Pythium. This root rot disease can cause your houseplants to suffer mushy roots that eventually could kill the plant.
  2. Drooping leaves, black rotted roots, leaf yellowing, lesions on plant stems near the soil surface and mushy roots are among the symptoms related to root rot and crown rot. If you happen to have your houseplant’s roots that slough off easily, it is caused by the root rot disease.
  3. Iowa State University suggests that the best way to control root rot disease in your houseplants is by preventing vigorous watering. The disease development is favored by the wet and warm conditions, so it is important to place your houseplant in a container with a proper drainage. During watering, do not wet the plant foliage as well. If the root rot disease is already attacking your houseplant then applying fungicides will help to fight the fungi disease.

Gardening, in general, is a fun hobby. It is fun as we, as gardeners, get to try so many things. We get to explore when it comes to gardening. To grow vegetables and to grow fruits are some of the choices we can make and forms part of the options that we have when it comes to gardening.

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