Transfer Switch Problems

The role of transfer switches is to connect homes and other buildings to a different power supply. This will happen usually when the public power supply is abrupt and a transfer switch connects instead to a local generator. The transfer could be automatic or manual, but both methods will encounter problems too. Here are among the problems which usually happen to transfer switches.

  1. Backfeeding problem happens when a private power supply feeds out a public utility. The transfer switch is thrown too quickly or when there is something wrong with the equipment will cause to backfeeding problem. If this problem happens, a fine from the electric company will be given to you as there is no compensation for the produced electricity or your electrical equipment will get damaged from an unstable electrical power.
  2. The problem about using a manual transfer switches is that they can make long power interruptions and unneeded generator usage. Someone must flip the transfer switch if the power goes out. This situation could also bring to complex process such as the qualified person may be absent or busy, which could bring to delay reconnection.
  3. For automatic transfer switch (ATS), they cannot monitor all necessary conditions. For instance, an ATS cannot check the generator fuel supply, monitor radio announcements for information about the emergency that causes the power failure. The ATS is also would not be able to always switch from a generator to batteries when needed.

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