Review of Wet Circuits Safe Power Strip

Today for review I’ve got a very interesting product, one that I just had to see for myself. It’s a product that goes well with the saying “seeing is believing”. The product the Wet Circuits power strip, it’s pricey at $70 but it could be worth it. You can run water over it and not get shocked. You can also stick things like tweezers in it and not get shocked either. It’s great for working outdoors of course and it could be great for those of us that have curious children.  I didn’t believe it so I very carefully tested it out myself and I’m still here, no worse for the wear either. I didn’t get zapped even though I mixed water and electricity! So I’m very happy to say that it works well, very happy to be able to say that!

Wet Circuits

Prevent electrical shocks and potential fire!

Our Wet Circuits products were designed to prevent accidental electrocutions, minimize chances of appliances short circuiting and burning out, and eliminate the fires caused by cords overheating.

Our patented designed Wet Circuit products can effectively prevent:
* Electric shocks from water spill or submersion
* Electric shocks from accidental touch
* Electric shocks from inserting of metal objects
* Fire caused by carbon accumulation due to sparks
* Fire due to internal wiring overheating

Water Resistant
Our products are made with the intention to be water resistant.  Our patented design and special protective material minimize the flow of electricity when in contact with water. This allows machines that you have plugged in to keep working while you are protected from being electrocuted.

Wet Circuits perfect under these scenarios:
* Accidental water spilled on the outlets
* Occasional rain (and snow!)
* Wet hands
* Temporary flooding (Do not submerge it under water from more than 2 hours. Special protective material may wear off after prolonged exposure under water.)

ChildSafe Protection
Each year, close to 4,000 injuries associated with electrical outlets are treated in U.S. emergency rooms every year, says the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. About 1/3 of these occur when kids looking to explore insert metal objects like keys, tweezers, hairpins, or their wet little fingers into the outlets.  Severe burns and death often ensues. There are over 100 children die every year in the United States after these accidental electrocution.
Our products help prevent these tragic accidents from happening. The patented design ensures electric power may only be conducted when a proper plug is 100% inserted into the outlet.
Furthermore, our products are manufactured with poison free materials, so you do not need to worry if your pet dog (or baby) accidentally licks the socket.

Overheat Protection
Many residential fires are caused by overheating of extension cords. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that about 4,700 residential fires originate in extension cords each year, killing 50 persons and injuring some 280 others.
Overheating of extension cords can occur at the plug, at the socket, or over the entire length of the cord. Hot plugs and sockets are often caused by deteriorated connections to the cord wires.
Besides a fuse, our patented designed product comes with a circuit breaker that discontinues any flow of electric power when our product reaches between 221°F~239°F (105°C~115°C), thus preventing fire caused by overloading.

Spark Prevention
Blue sparks are often generated upon plugging an appliance into the power socket.  These sparks carbonize the contacting copper plates and may eventually lead to a possible fire if overheated.
Wet Circuits prevent blue sparks from even happening.  Our special material prevents carbon from building up and overheating, this keeping you and your home safe.

4x Lifespan
A normal power strip outlet can withstand 5,000 times of plug and unplug. Wet Circuits can do 4 times as much. That’s 20,000 times!! What exactly does that number mean? If you unplug three times a day, the outlet can last for 18 years!
Each of our Wet Circuits product undergo stringent manufacturing protocols to ensure the upmost quality.
Your safety is our number 1 concern!

* Model: GF-3401
* Voltage: 100V~240V
* Capacity: 1650W
* Current: 15A
* Gauge Number: 14
* Cord Length: 6ft(1.8m)

Price: $70

So it comes in a box that’s cut out so you can get a better look at it.  The same stuff that’s listed above is basically listed on the box as well.

wet1 wet2

The Wet Circuits I got for review is white with blue accents and a nice long six foot cord. It’s plastic as you might expect, but it feels sturdy.


There are outlets on it as you can plainly see.


On the bottom there are feet, but not screw mounts sadly.


On the side is a reset button.


For testing I did a few things that you shouldn’t do with electricity under most any circumstance.

The Wet Circuits strip is supposed to be very safe so I was sure I’d be safe, well almost sure.

I plugged it in, put a night light in a socket and put it in the sink, and then proceeded to run water over it. It was certainly interesting and honestly a bit frightening. I took the pictures without the flash, I thought you could see the light on better.

wet7 wet8 wet9 wet11 wet10

You can not only run water over it with something plugged in, but plug something in while the water is running and not get zapped.

The Wet Circuits does fill up with water and you’ll have to empty it out.

I have to say that’s only the tip of the weird though, you can stick a pair of tweezers in there as well and not get zapped. Great feature if you have curious children!

Well I was skeptical and I’m not anymore, I’ve tested it myself and I can say it truly does work.

Is it worth $70 though? I’m not sure about that, I guess it all depends on how much you really need something like this.

This would be great for outdoor work I’m sure, and of course for children.

I think I can recommend it for those that might need it.

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