Changing the Code for a Vector 2000 Alarm

Vector 2000 alarm is a model of alarm system, which is manufactured by Ademco Security, a Singapore-based alarm company, before the production is discontinued. The system allows you to add alarm codes for employees or family members to arm and disarm the alarm. Although the codes cannot be changed, the codes can be replaced or deleted. If your codes have been known by someone outside your home or company, it is best to change your alarm code to new one. The process takes merely 5 minutes and secures your property much safer, here are the steps.


  1. To delete the existing code, enter the main code by using the number buttons on the control panel.
  2. Then, press the “CODE” (“8”) button before entering the user number that you want to delete for example number “2”.
  3. Next, enter the main security code again. The code has now been deleted.
  4. To replace deleted code, enter the main security code again. Press the “CODE” (“8”) button.
  5. Then, enter the number you want to replace, for example number “2” like the previous one.
  6. Enter the new code that you want to assign to the user. When the replacement has been completed successfully, the control panel will beep.

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