How Does a Home Security System Door Sensor Work?

Although there are lots of choices when it comes to home security system for your door in the market today, the most important thing that you need to know is that the alarm systems no matter what type that you are using, it will have one common basic structure with the same principals. Normally it will consist of a main control box where your sensors will be connected and when the sensors are triggered on, a signal will be send out directly to the control panel which will turn on the alarm or other pre-programmed task that has been set on the system. Before you start to install a home security system sensor, you should understand how different type of sensors work and whether it is suitable or not to be installed at your house.

What you need to do:

  1. Types of sensors (Magnetic Sensors or electricity sensors)
  2. Door sensor control panel
  3. Suitable tools

Home Security System


  1. Sensors are considered as the first line of defense for any model of alarm system. The sensors that you use will automatically identify any intrusion within its specified perimeter whether through the doors as well as windows. One of the common sensors being used in the market is the Magnetic Sensors, which consists of two sections where one is installed on the frame head of your house door while another one is installed on the door itself.
  2. If you are using magnetic sensors, it will enable the voltage flows via the circuit area when you close or open the doors. (The same applies if you use it on windows). Once the system is activated and your house door is opened, the flow of the voltage to the circuit is broken thus will cause the alarm to be activated. When this happened, the security monitoring company and your police department will be automatically notified.
  3. Other main components of your home security system door sensor also include its control keypad, phone jack, a transformer, battery, the alarm and the door sensors.
  4. Whenever your home security system door sensors are triggered on, they will automatically connect to the alarm system’s main control panel resulting in the control box to respond to the incoming signals that you installed within your house. When this happens, the house owner need to enter the secret code in order to neutralize the alarm if it is consider a false alarm and not an intrusion caused by a burglar.
  5. Sensors that are connected to the sound alarm would be able to scare off any burglars and also to attract the attention of your neighbors who can make an effort to inform the police.
  6. The home security system door sensor can also be connected to your house outdoor lights. Once the system is triggered, it will automatically turn on the lights and off in a repeated manner. This not only will scare off the intruder, but also able to assist the local police to locate your house easily.
  7. Apart from that, you alarm system can also be upgraded with a closed circuit television system (CCTV) in order to capture and record your intruder’s face on the television, computers or even directly to your security monitoring company if you subscribed to their services.

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