How to Change a Supra Lock 3167 Combination


Why are locks used? Lock are used on a particular something, most probably a property, to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing something that does not belong to them. More so, a lock is put to protect its content from being reached by those who should not.

A Supra lock box is for the same definite purpose. Supra lock boxes are basically and mostly used to access a property that is owned or used by a lot of people; a house or an office. Supra lock boxes are known to be and provide the highest security there could be when it comes to locks.

Supra lock boxes are also popularly used by agents in the real estate property business so that their people can gain access to the properties that they are auctioning off. Most of the Supra lock boxes use a GE Active key that was given by a subscriber. These licensed Supra lock boxes are given the GE Active key so that the authorized people will be able to remove these lock boxes.

Removing a supra lock box may sound easy, but the process is a little complicated and all the steps need to be followed well to ensure that the Supra lock box is properly removed.

The Supra 3167 is a key box that is functioned to store keys around a door knob. These locking key boxes are often used by real estate companies to allow multiple agents to show homes to potential buyers without the need to carry keys for the home. The key box has ten buttons on the front, which are used to enter the combination. The lock combination can be changed at any time. Here are the steps on how to change a Supra lock combination.

How to Change a Supra Lock 3167 Combination

  • First, enter the current combination by using the keypad.
    • The combination that you enter must be the same one that was given to you by your subscriber.
  • After entering the combination given, proceed to open the lock.
  • Continue by pressing down on the “Clear” button. And then, press the “Open” button down before proceeding to pull the lid open.
  • Proceed by pulling the plastic card out of the back of the lid. After that, you should arrange the lid so the numbered buttons with the arrows are right-side up with the number “1” in the upper left corner.
  • Subsequently, you should then insert the tip of the screwdriver into each of the arrows that you see are pointing toward the right. Then, press it down and then turn each one to the left.
  • To make it easier, just use a screwdriver to rotate the numbers that you want in the combination to the right.
  • Finally, replace the plastic card in the lid before closing the lid.

And, that is how you change a Supra lock combination. Make sure to remember your new combination and it is important to know who you pass the new combination to.

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