How to Decorate Your House for Spring


In order to prepare and decorate your house for the spring season after a long cold winter time, you need to focus on the actual spring environment so that your house will have the feel of fresh air that can translate the seasonal climate of the outside. In other words, the season’s beginning should be able to blend well in your house. Besides that, you should be able to add some sense of nature into your house. Ensure that all the winter decorations such as the throw blankets on your sofas or the dark and drab throw rugs are clear and kept in your store rooms. This expose will help provide you with some tips in decorating your house for the spring season.

To decorate your house for spring, you need:

  • Use pastel colored materials like throw rugs, pillows, vases or window treatments
  • Paint with nature colors
  • Indoor plants
  • Natural fibers, natural fabrics or textures
  • Fresh flowers
  • Fruit picture or scenery
  • Light panels or curtains

Decorating Your House for Spring

How to Decorate Your House for Spring

  • First of all, you must choose nature colors such as pastels like pinks, blue, yellow or lavenders, plus also you can use floral types of designs in order to replicate the nature environment of the spring surrounding.
    • Make use of your existing throw rugs, pillows, vases or window treatments that have spring themes for minimal effect on your expenses rather than buying new items

When choosing a paint color for any of your rooms, make sure to consider the room condition at different time of the day because outdoor sunlight always influence any wall color whether making the room much brighter or darker. You can simply test the paint colors by painting a little patch of certain color on different walls to view how lighting affects the colors.

  • Another way of decorating your home with a spring concept is to
    • Repaint your entire room with a spring colored paint such as by using lighter kind of paint with airy feel
    • The paint color that you choose must also match your existing décor of spring theme
  • Besides that, you can also add some indoor plants inside your house for an added touch of nature, more color and give the warmth feel that is needed, which normally comes with the spring season

“Having a few plants within your house will make the rooms feel more inviting and the green colors of the plants reflect the beauty of spring,” quote taken from the author of garden designer book “Beyond the Windowsill”, Jon Carloftis.

  • Other materials that you can use to decorate your house with the spring concept is by using
    • Natural fibers for your certain area of your décor or you can even use natural fabrics and textures. For example, use wicker furniture or jute rugs that normally create a sense of nature when you place them in a particular room.
  • Another way is to place fresh flowers inside every room within your house where the aroma and bright color of certain flower enables you to feel the spring feeling.
    • When you choose to have fresh flowers, always make sure to cut its stems at an angle of 45-degree and for extending the life of the flowers, you should use preservatives in the water.
    • Besides that, you can also add some fruit picture or scenery here and there, but try not to over do it. Just a few is good enough for creating the spring environment inside your house.
  • Make sure to enable natural sunlight to enter your house and if you have dark window treatments, dark curtains or heavy textures, try to change them with light panels or curtains that come with beautiful flower pattern that are able to move freely.
    • You can also wrap or tie the curtains to the side of your window in order to allow the sunlight to enter your house.
  • If you already have dark colored sofas and upholstered chairs, do not waste your money on new furniture. You can spruce them up by using slipcovers with pastel or spring theme or even place a throw blanket that comes with a bright color across them so that they will look much different look that cater for any spring feeling.
  • Another place that you should not forget is the dining room. It should also be decorated with spring shade table cloth and you can place a table runner on top of the table cloth to give it an added dimension.

    Always remember that the most important part in decorating your house for spring is

    • The usage of color on your walls like beiges, whites and grays; flooring as well as furniture that would be able to create the spring environment within your house making you feel that you are outside the house enjoying the spring season.

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