How to Clean Brass Bathroom Fixtures


Brass bathroom fixtures usually add more class even to a simple bathroom through its gold-like demeanor design. However, over time the fixtures can become tarnished thus making it difficult for you to clean them. Brass materials can be tarnished easily when it is exposed to the air. Therefore, it usually has a layer of lacquer covering them for protection against air. Brass bathroom fixtures should be cleaned regularly in order to maintain its part and also to prevent it from getting damage. Whenever it starts to get damaged or even severely tarnished, you would not be able to clean the fixtures anymore. You need to seek assistance from a professional to enable you to restore the fixtures into its original condition.

To clean brass bathroom fixtures, you need:

  • Soft cloth
  • Dish soap, hand soap or other mild soap
  • Water
  • Vinegar or lemon
  • Brass polish
  • Linseed oil
  • Bucket
  • Spray bottle

Cleaning Brass Bathroom Fixtures

How to Clean Brass Bathroom Fixtures

  • First thing that you need to do is to wipe your brass bathroom fixtures by using a soft cloth that you have dampened with mixture of mild detergent along with warm water inside a bucket.
    • You do not have to use a lot of detergent, a little bit of the detergent is enough as long as it can produce a layer of suds on the warm water
    • The mild soapy water which is suitable for cleaning brass fixtures includes dish detergents as well as gentle hand soaps that do not have any added lotions ingredient.
    • Wipe the brass using the dampened soft cloth in order to remove and loosen up any oil, dirt and grime that the brass has been accumulated over time.

Whenever you are cleaning brass bathroom fixtures, make sure you wear hand gloves not only as protection to your skin but also to prevent your fingerprints create any stains on the brass fixtures.

  • The next step for you to do is to remove any stubborn spots or buildup accumulated by the brass bathroom fixtures by using
    • A small portion of vinegar or even lemon juice
    • You need to dilute the vinegar together with a small amount of water
    • Once you have mixed them together, you can apply the solutions to your brass bathroom fixture.
  • Then, you can rinse the brass bathroom fixtures using cool water right after you use vinegar or lemon. Using vinegar or lemon will help you prevent the fixture’s lacquer from getting damage.
    • After that, you have to wipe the brass fixture until it is thoroughly dry.
    • Wipe it using a soft cloth in order to prevent water spots.
  • Whenever you want to use brass polish, make sure you test the brass polish on a small and hidden area
    • This is to make sure that the polish does not cause any damage to the fixture’s lacquer surface.

You must take note that not all fixtures need to be polish because if it is not suitable it might damage the protective lacquer layer. Brass polish that you want to use must also follow instructions provided by the product’s manufacturer displayed on the label of the product.

  • Another method that you can use to clean brass bathroom fixtures is by using linseed oil
    • Dirt and grease can be easily removed using boiled linseed oil.
    • You just need to rub a moistened cloth that you have dipped into your boiled linseed oil before rubbing the brass bathroom fixtures until it is clean.
    • Once you have applied the linseed oil, it will help create a barrier in protecting the brass thus preventing it from being tarnished easily. You are recommended to do this method once every six months.

      Always remember that when you want to clean brass bathroom fixtures,

      • You must also know that the more you make contact with the brass fixture; you will be adding more oil and tarnishing substances onto the brass metal.
      • If you do not know whether your bathroom fixture is made of brass or not, you can try and place a magnet onto the fixtures. Brass is not a magnetic item but if you find that the magnet able to stick onto the fixture, it is definitely not made of brass.
      • You must make sure to wipe your brass bathroom fixtures by using a soft cloth regularly in order to prevent stains or any other buildup to the fixtures.
      • The usage of abrasives or harsh cleaners may not be suitable on brass fixtures and can easily damage its finish. Apart from that, ammonia, alcohol as well as silver polish are also not suitable to be applied on your brass fixtures.

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