How to Paint Brass Plated Light Fixtures

You will find that most of the brass plated light fixtures are not made from pure solid brass instead it is made of brass-plated steel or iron. In order for you to check whether your light fixture is made of solid brass or only brass plated, you can use a magnet. The magnet will not stick to solid brass and stick to brass plated fixtures. Over time you will find that your brass plate will become worn out and turn into dull and dated look. A simple way of rejuvenating and create a new look brass plate quickly is by using various type of aerosol spray paints that comes with all sorts of colors that you can choose according to your taste. Spray paint is suitable to be used on brass plated light fixtures and it can hold up very well even if you use it on the light fixture’s exterior.

To paint brass plated light fixtures, you need:

  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Drop cloth or newspapers
  • Scrub sponge or fine steel wool
  • Detergent or spray cleaner
  • Spray paint

Painting Brass Plated Light Fixtures

How to Paint Brass Plated Light Fixtures

  • The most important thing that you need to do first is to turn off the light’s breaker switch on the main power supply before you start to remove the light fixture to paint it.
    • Then, you can look for screws in the mounting canopy where the light fixture is attached to whether to the wall or ceiling.
    • Some brass plated light fixtures are designed with small rounded knobs which are used to hide the screws. You would be able to loosen up the small rounded knobs either by using your fingers or even use pliers.
    • Then, you can pull the light fixture away gently before you can detach its wiring just by removing its wire nuts or the electrical tape.
  • Next step is for you to do is to disassemble the brass plated light fixture depending on the fixture’s design.
    • You can use a screwdriver as your tool if it is design in such a way.
    • Make sure to remove the glass and the bulb from the fixtures and place it in a safe area away from your work area.
  • After that, you can proceed with your cleaning task by using a mild detergent or even spray cleaner
    • You can use a scrub sponge or fine steel wool to apply the solutions on the brass plated light fixtures.
    • Once finished, you need to dry it with air-dry method.
  • Then, you have to take some old newspaper and crumpled it so that you can pack them into your brass plated light sockets.
    • By doing this, you would be able to prevent you from painting the wiring of the fixtures.

Before you start to do your painting, you should lay a drop cloths or old newspapers on the floor of your work area or your work bench. After that, place the brass light fixture parts that you have disassembled on the drop cloths or newspapers.

  • You can also paint all the screws that belong to the brass light fixtures easily
    • All you need is to stick all the screws into a piece of unused Styrofoam or cardboard so that you can spray-paint the screws with ease.

Before you start to paint your fixtures, you should shake your spray paint thoroughly.

  • When you are painting the fixture and the screws, try to apply a thin and even coat of paint
    • Once you have finished, allow them to dry thoroughly and follow the instructions provided by the product manufacturer regarding its drying times. Normally you need to dry them for at least 10 minutes.
  • Next, you need to reposition the fixtures parts with another light coating or a few more until you feel that you have an even coat of paint and managed to completely covers all the brass plated surfaces.
    • Once you have finished doing your coating task, you need to allow all the parts to dry for at least 24 hours.
    • After you feel that the parts have dried thoroughly, you can start to reassemble your brass plated light fixture.

    Always remember that when you want to paint brass plated light fixtures

    • Always read the instruction or label on the spray paint that you are using whether it is suitable to your brass plated light fixtures or not
    • Always do your work in suitable location like the garage which does not have direct sunlight and wind. The place also needs to be well ventilated once you start to use spray paints.
    • It is recommended that you use two or more colors especially if you have ornate brass-plated light fixtures. For example, you can paint the light fixtures mounting canopy using silver metallic paint while the part that connects the glass is suitable with hammered gold paint or you can even use complementary paint colors like pale blue or cream.

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