How to Decorate for an Italian Deli


The most important aspect of an Italian Deli is the interior design and therefore a well planed décor that needs to be laid out before you start to run your Italian styled deli restaurant. The right choice of interior theme is critical because the ambiance or interior setting of the deli can either attract customers or even drive them away from your restaurant. A simple way of decorating an Italian deli is by using images, symbols and color schemes that incorporate closely with the culture of the Italian people and country. Choosing the right environment will help your customers to feel as if they are dining in a deli right in the middle of a street in Italy. You can also choose various kinds of atmospheres and themes suitable for an Italian deli either by using information gathered through local as well as online resources.

To decorate for an Italian Deli, you need:

  • Italian flag
  • Red, green and white rugs and mats
  • Red, green and white paint
  • Photos, paintings or murals
  • Plastic grapes
  • Plastic vines
  • Plastic tomatoes
  • Soccer jerseys
  • Soccer balls
  • Terracotta tiling
  • Wrought iron railings

Decorating for an Italian Deli

How to Decorate for an Italian Deli

  • An Italian deli will not be the same if you do not incorporate the country’s custom colored like green, white and red which are the official colors of the Italian national flag.
    • Just by using the three colors found on the Italian flag, you would be able to create an Italian feel to the setting of your deli.
    • You can also lay down rugs and mats that come with the same color as three colors mentioned above.
    • Place an Italian flag or two on strategic areas on your wall.
    • In addition, you can also paint your walls using a dark red or dark green color.
    • You can even integrate your accents, counter tops or even your deli’s sign with one or even all of the colors mentioned above.
  • Look for framed photos, paintings or murals depicting famous Italian cities
    • Some of the iconic Italian images that you can make use are the city of Rome, the Coliseum, Florence, the Leaning Tower of Pisa and Venice River.
    • You can also create or add some of the reproductions of famous Italian Renaissance works of art belonging to Michelangelo’s David, the Sistine Chapel ceiling and Venus de Milo.

Most the Italian delis or restaurants provide customers with the alternatives of dining outside especially during the months of summer. The common décor used for this scenario include wooden tables and chairs set on stone pavements shaded by a big umbrella.

  • The next step that you need to do is to decorate the deli using plastic bunches of grapes, grapevines, wine bottles and tomatoes because Italy is famous for its wealth of finest wines and grapes, while tomatoes are among the favorite ingredient used by Italians in their traditional recipes.
  • Soccer or also known as football is also a popular sport in Italy
    • You can decorate soccer memorabilia in certain area of your deli for example you can hang jerseys of some of the well-known Italian National soccer team along with a few soccer balls and soccer shoes.
  • Apart from that, you can also lay down terracotta tiling on your floor along with iron railings and accents.
    • Using neutral-colored tiling, iron railings and accents will make your deli looks like an Italian villa.
    • You could also place a few real or fake plants in a few areas around your deli in order to enhance the feeling of coziness within your deli.

    Always remember that whenever you want to decorate for an Italian Deli

    • The first thing that you should do is to visit and study various Italian delis located nearby your neighborhood to get some ideas so that you would be able to have fresh concept or create your very own decorating plans and theme.
    • You will also notice that some formal Italian restaurants only uses a wonderful wall paper, muted lighting, strikingly antique fixtures, delightfully patterned carpets along with tables and chairs with ornate designs.

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