How to Dress Up a Tudor House

Tudor house décor is very popular during the era of 1920s until 1940s. It originated from England where the Tudor-style design was the signs of prosperous time enjoyed by manor owners since 1485 up to 1603. If you do not have any ideas on how to dress up a Tudor house, you can simply search for more information from books or the internet. It is not difficult for you to design your house with a little English influence because normally Tudor houses consist of half-timbering, steeply pitched roofs and front-facing gables. Apart from that, it also comes with brick or stucco in between the timbering, clustered chimneys, Tudor-style arches and bay windows or diamond panes in tall, casement windows. You will also notice that the Tudor style always has asymmetrical layouts along with central great rooms surrounded by smaller rooms.

To dress up a Tudor house, you need:

  • Faux stone
  • Wood paneling
  • Tapestries
  • Faux timbers
  • Jacquard drapes
  • Rope tie-backs
  • Pewter dishes
  • Pottery
  • Wicker baskets
  • Wrought-iron chandeliers
  • Wrought-iron sconces
  • Four-poster canopy bed

Dressing Up a Tudor House

How to Dress Up a Tudor House

  • The first thing that you can do is to resurface the fireplace.
    • For those of you who have enough budgets, you can also replace your wood mantel with a stone hearth.
    • Another option that you can do is to hire a contractor in order to build a stone façade directly over brick or plaster.
  • You can also erect Tudor style wood panels that are normally different from what you are familiar with in modern house.
    • Tudor style wood panels are built in squares or rectangular pieces which is not the same as normal wood panel which is hung vertically within a room.
    • It is recommended that you choose between panelings that work halfway up the wall that comes with ornate carving across the top, or even use the floor-to-ceiling paneling type.

The rule of thumb is to use gold, copper or even other metallic color in order to highlight your picture frames, lamps or even other small décor. It is common for Tudor house to have dark wood color tones and Gothic archways thus the metallic colors will help light up the interior and at the same time reveal the semi-formal vibes of the house. You can also make use of reflective wallpaper in order to reflect the light to the surrounding area.

  • Another option for you to dress up a Tudor house is to adorn your walls with woven pieces that is meaningful or has a story behind its design.
    • You can use tapestries that you can hung in every room within your house to replace paintings.
    • Always ensure that you use intricately woven tapestries that tell story based on its scenery or designs.
    • Another item that you can use is lavish or imported area rugs that can add a rich touch to your rooms and blends in nicely with the tapestries that you used.
  • Another Tudor style that you can use is by commissioning intricate ceilings.
    • It is normally done by specialist or professional artist who is able to adept in molding highly detailed ceiling panels.
    • The ceiling panels should be mould into a honeycomb pattern especially if your house dining hall is designed with exceptionally high ceilings.
    • Besides that, another simple and less expensive solution is by hanging faux timbers across your ceiling with a checkered pattern style or you can even hang them across your room parallel to each other.
  • Next, you can use rich jacquard fabrics and hang them at your windows. You should hang them differently from the usual style which is by
    • Hanging them starting from the top of your window or ceiling until it reaches the floor.
    • You can use thick rope tie-backs that have tassels for pulling the curtains away from your window as well as for decoration.
  • If you have open cupboards, you can beautify them with pewter dishes and steins as decorative items
    • If you have extra space, table or counters, you can decorate them with wicker baskets in order to place some dried herbs.
    • Other accessories that can add more Tudor styling into your house are the usage of stoneware and pottery.
  • For those who have extra budgets, you can also hang guilded wrought-iron chandeliers in your dining hall especially above your dining table or even in your foyer area.
    • Instead of using traditional crystals for your chandeliers, you can use delicate porcelain flowers to adorn the chandeliers.
    • Apart from that, you can also incorporate other Tudor style ornaments like the fleur-de-lis, Tudor rose or thistle into the fabrication of the flowers, plus also placing wrought-iron sconces along the hallways as well as inside the doorways.
  • One of Tudor style house décor focal point is the bed where it is normally consist of a four-poster bed.
    • The beds are usually designed with richly colored brocades.
    • Your four-poster bed can also come with nicely carved design along with a canopy within your room.
    • You can also use a jewel-toned fabric for the pattern of your canopy.
  • Another method to dress up a Tudor house is by using paint where you can create faux textures on the walls like ragging, sponging, faux leather or marble.
    • You will notice that Tudor homes are usually designed with a castle-like feature. When you use rich wall textures, you will be adding more quaint charm to the interior.
    • Finally, in order to complement the Tudor room colors, you can add some heavy textured wallpaper or wall borders.

    Always remember that whenever you want to dress up a Tudor house

    • Make sure to make use of the four basic Tudor styles which is the linen fold, the Tudor rose, the thistle and the Fleur-de-lis. You can incorporate all of these four symbols into your furniture, rugs, wood paneling as well as tapestries in order to create a Tudor look.
    • You can also add small accessories such as throw pillows, afghans and lampshades with beading or tassels on the edges so that you can create a romantic ambiance to your Tudor house.

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