How to Customize Your Own Apartment

Even though you consider the apartment that you are living is your home, sometimes it does not mean you can simply change anything that you like inside the apartment. Even if the apartment is not a rented one, you need to follow certain procedures set by the apartment’s management. Sometimes the rules do not permit you to change anything that is permanent inside the house like wall colors and carpeting. However, it is not wrong for you to do some decorating of your apartment as long as it does not make you bored whenever you return to your house after a hard day’s work. Customization of your apartment can be done especially by making a few changes to the house, do some decorations, plus also it will definitely help if you could have some imagination on what kind of customization that you would like to apply to your apartment.

To customize your own apartment, you need:

  • If you are renting, seek permission from your landlord before you do anything
  • To incorporate your personality with the customization
  • Temporary wall pieces or stickers
  • Tapestries and hanging quilts
  • By switching the rooms around
  • Rugs
  • Curtains
  • Rearrange the furniture
  • Use leaning and standing shelves

Customizing Your Own Apartment

How to Customize your Own Apartment

  • The first thing that you need to do is to seek permission from the landlord for doing the following actions
    • Painting the walls of your apartment.
    • Sometimes, certain apartment complexes management allows customers or owners to paint the walls of their apartments.
    • It might happen when your landlord does not allow the painting of strange colors or wallpaper. Once you start to change the color of your apartment’s wall, your apartment will look much more individual.
  • You can also apply your own personality into your apartment interior so that it will not look the same as other apartment, which looks identical and boring.
    • One thing that you can do is to add more color to your apartment by decorating it using brightly colored lamps or artwork.
    • Besides that, you can decorate the apartment using your favorite d├ęcor pieces that shows your personality.

You must always respect your landlord if the apartment you are living is a rented one. Make sure to seek for your landlord permission whenever you want to do some drilling, painting of the house or even changing anything that is permanent within the house.

  • Next, you can decorate the apartment’s wall with temporary wall pieces.
    • You can purchase removable wall stickers from certain stores that you can stick on and easily peel it off whenever you want to remove them. Removable wall stickers are a simple way for you to create your own customized mural.
    • To add more color and coziness into your apartment, you can hang tapestries and quilts that are also ideal wall decorations.
  • You will find that most apartments have similar floor plan and you can switch the usage of each room according to your liking.
    • For instance, if the area is labeled as a sitting area, you can turn it into your bedroom while the bedroom area will be the sitting area for you to relax and rest.
  • Most of the rental apartments come with neutral colored carpets that are sometimes looks worn out.
    • You can simply cover the carpet using colorful rugs throughout the apartment.
    • For the hallways, you can use runners. As for bigger rooms such as the bedrooms or living room, you can use large size rugs.
  • If the apartment is using plastic blinds, you can cover them up with nice curtains or replace them with new blinds.
    • You must place the old plastic blinds in a safe storage area so that you can reinstall it back before you move out from the apartment.
  • To make the room look different, you can simply rearrange the furniture to different area. Sometimes by rearranging the apartment, you will feel that the room looks larger than before.
    • Try replacing your couch with your sitting chair and moving the television or entertainment system to a different wall. You will definitely feel a much fresher feeling in your apartment right after doing the rearranging of the furniture.
  • Your landlord sometimes does not allow you to drill into his apartment’s wall. For this scenario, you just need to use some leaning or standing shelves instead that you can purchase from Crate & Barrel or IKEA.
    • For example, you can use a nice looking leaning bookshelf or even a do it yourself wood rack.

    Always remember that whenever you want to customize your own apartment

    • Make sure you place mirrors throughout the apartment especially if your apartment is a small size apartment. The mirrors will help create an illusion of a larger home.
    • As for large apartments, you should always place chairs or even a small couch in the bathrooms or kitchen areas.
    • Another option that you can use is by hanging framed photos or you can even create a photo collage so that you can hang the photos onto your wall just by using a wall-safe adhesive or tape.

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