How to Create a Cottage Chic Look with Decorating


In order to create a Cottage Chic within your house, you need to decorate the house with warm, relaxed, welcoming and full of coziness décor especially using items that provide a natural feel when you are in the room. For example, you can use soft, garden-inspired colors, floral fabrics, natural textures as well as wicker furniture that would be able to create light and open space to your house. You can create Cottage Chic styling just by using inexpensive items or simply by mixing old and new décor that can create diverse kind of designs whether to suit your own personality even if you are living in a city apartment or in a simple country cottage.

To create a cottage Chic look with decorating, you need:

  • Incorporate white and cream color shades
  • Always prevent cluttered area
  • Mix wicker and wood furniture with a little touch of iron
  • Search furniture at flea markets or garage sale
  • White or cream paint for painting old wood furniture
  • Use floral patterns
  • Glazed pottery
  • An old tin planter
  • Artwork
  • A vintage tea set
  • A terracotta plant pot
  • An antique mirror
  • Accent pillows and rugs

Creating a Cottage Chic look with Decorating

How To Create a Cottage Chic Look with Decorating

  • The first thing that you need to do is to incorporate white and cream color shades
    • Especially when you are using country garden-inspired colors.
    • To get some ideas, you can look for inspirations by looking at pictures of country gardens.
    • You can use soft, pastel colors like dusty pink, apricot, light blue or green with other combination of brighter colors like fuchsia, red and sunflower yellow.

The Cottage Chic should consist of neutral walls so that you could prevent cluttered interior and busy look. You need to decide on one main color so that you tie it with the other splashes of color in order to create a much more cohesive outcome.

  • Then, you should try to mix wicker and wood furniture along with a few touches of iron décor into your interior
    • You can also look for bargain furniture from garage sale or flea market as well as second hand furniture shops. By doing this, you would be able to find older or antique furniture and at the same time save on your budget. Old furniture can be re-painted using white or cream paint to provide the furniture with fresher look.
    • Even if you have a modern type of furniture, you can still match them with older or antique furniture. As long as it’s an overall effect that would be able to provide you with comfort and relaxation whenever you are at home.
  • You can also decorate your interior with floral patterns that can provide you with bold, delicate, traditional or even contemporary designs.
    • Whenever you are choosing floral fabrics, you can always combine them with checks, stripes, polka dots and solids.
    • Make sure to look for organic fabrics with trim and fringes so that you would be able to create visual interest from your guests.
    • For your main part, you should use soft or pastel colors before you start to add some brighter colors. For example, you can simply add items such as cushions in order to prevent a washed-out appearance.
    • Always be creative in every way and try to mix and matched between old, traditional designs along with modern as well as contemporary look.
  • In addition, you can also decorate your own cottage chic look by adding a few accessories as long as it does not make your house cluttered.
    • Make sure to use different types of finishes to suit your décor like using glazed pottery and an old tin planter.
    • Decorate your garden with similar theme.
    • Add a few artworks in order to further enhance your house look.
    • If you have an antique table, you can place your vintage tea set on top of your antique table thus creating your very own focal point especially if you combine it with different textures like a terracotta plant pot.
    • If you have an antique mirror, make sure to use them because it provide you with extra light to the room, plus also helps keeping the overall feeling of light and breezy.
  • If you already have a sofa, you can simply add colors just by using accent pillows and rugs beneath your coffee table.

    Always remember that whenever you want to create a Cottage chic environment for your house interior

    • Make sure you do not use very dark or heavy colors.
    • Do not let any of your open space within the house cluttered; try to keep the area light and spacious enough for you to feel cozy when you are in the house.

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