How to Replace the Bricks in a Blaze King Stove


People who like using the Blaze King Stove are because it uses fire bricks that have the capability to maintain heat and even protect the steel surface of the stove just like the feature provided by any other wood stove. It is also an alternative choice of heat especially when fuel costs are rising rapidly nowadays. If you notice that your fire bricks begin to fall apart in several areas, it is time for you to start thinking of replacing the bricks. Therefore, the task requires you to lay down new bricks following the same layout from your existing plan or you can also create your own arrangement as and when you replace your existing bricks.

To replace the bricks in a blaze king stove, you need:

  • Sheet
  • Shop vacuum or normal vacuum
  • Pencil
  • Cold chisel
  • Hammer
  • Block of scrap wood (2 inch by 4 inch, at least 1 foot long)
  • Gloves
  • Flashlight
  • Fire clay brick
  • Bucket

Replacing the Bricks in a Blaze King Stove

How to Replace the Bricks in a Blaze King Stove

  • The first thing that you need to do is to get rid of the existing bricks from the base of your Blaze King stove
    • Place a sheet in an appropriate area so that you can place the bricks once you have taken them out from the stove.
    • If you do not have the layout plan from your owner’s manual, you can make use this method for you to know the pattern when you want to start installing the new bricks.
    • In order to remove the bricks away from the stove, you can just pry the bricks by using your fingers starting with the front section.
  • Next step that you need to do is to pull away the bricks from your ceiling baffles on each side of your Blaze King stove.
    • You should remove the bricks from the back wall and also the sides of the wall.

For those of you who want to use fire bricks, you can purchase them directly from your local wood stove dealers located nearby your house.

  • After that, take a shop vacuum so that you can vacuum the firebox of your stove until there is no more debris remains within the firebox.
  • Then, you can start placing the fire bricks on each side of your Blaze King firebox.
    • However, before you do the above step, you must refer to the layout plan from the owner’s manual or even by following the old bricks that you have taken out and place on the sheet earlier. It will assist you in determining how to lay the new bricks either in a vertical or horizontal way.
  • For any fire bricks that require you to cut them, you need to draw a line around the circumference of the fire bricks.
    • Ensure that the fire brick is placed on a flat surface before you score a 1/2-inch-deep trench along the marked line by using a cold chisel and hammer. You need to do the scoring across the whole circumference of the brick.
  • The brick need to be positioned on a raised flat surface while the cut line should be hanging over the edge of the surface.
    • For any bricks that you want to remove, you can simply hit them using your hammer.
    • If there are any jagged edges, you can use chisel in order to remove them from the cut brick. Once finished, you have to insert the cut brick into the right position.
  • When you come to the last brick, you have to place a block of wood over it and placed the wood on the side.
    • Make sure the brick is placed firmly in place by tapping the wood using your hammer.
    • Then, you have to lay down the bricks along the back of the wall using the same technique mentioned above.
  • Finally, you need to lay the ceiling baffle bricks in between the last row of side and back bricks and the ceiling.
    • Once again you need to use a block of wood and a hammer to tap the bricks so that it is firmly in place.
    • Then only you can start to lay down the bottom bricks starting your work from the back of the firebox up until the front section of it.

    Always remember that whenever you want to replace the bricks in a Blaze King Stove

    • You must make sure that the final row of your side bricks is capable of keeping the line of baffle bricks from falling.
    • Always protect yourself whenever you start to do the project such as eye protection especially when you cut the bricks.

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