How to Finish and Remodel a Basement

Don’t want to leave your basement space for waste? Are you thinking of turning your basement into a guest room or a bedroom for you? Basement remodeling provides you with lots of benefits namely in increasing the size of your storage area or even create a new living room such as a small lounge, a games room, media room, bar and even auxiliary bedrooms and bathrooms. There are many things you have to consider and before it’s possible to start going forward with your plans, you have to know whether there is moisture in your basement, and probably to what extent. There’s no way a person would like to live in a bedroom that’s always flooding!

It’s quite normal that you have a large home with a large basement but you barely use much of its provided space. Why not try something creative? You can convert your basement into an extraordinary basement home theatre. Everyone loves to visit the theatres once in awhile, why can’t you just build one at home? To create a movie-watching atmosphere might not be as costly as you think it is. Your empty basement can be converted into an entertainment centre inexpensively and it’ll be as rewarding too.

Your home is one of the largest and the most important investments in your life. Therefore it is very important to understand, plan and be prepared on what you have in store for yourself during the process of building, remodeling and maintaining your basement. You would also have to know what may or may not crop up in the midst of this process and how to overcome them, be they overdue dateline, contractor problems, building site problem, etc.

Finishing and remodeling your basement normally does not required any expensive cost because you can do it on your own without the need of hiring professional construction company. If you do it the right way, your basement can be remodeled into a better living condition rather than being left as a repository area for unwanted items or an essential services area only to cater for your furnace as well as water heater.

To finish and remodel a basement, you need:

  • Determine whether your basement is suitable for remodeling
  • Check whether there is any moisture problem or not
  • Use suitable lighting
  • Create proper insulation for the room
  • HVAC system
  • Water-lock paint
  • Caulking sealant
  • Caulking gun

Finishing and Remodeling a Basement

How to Finish and Remodel a Basement

  • First thing that you need to do is to check and determine whether your basement area is suitable for remodeling or not
    • Basement normally provides you with cooler temperature and medium usage of light and you will find that your entertainment room, gym area, laundry room as well as storage area is the most suitable choices that can be move to the basement. Therefore, you would be able to have an extra space in your house once it is move to the basement.
  • Another thing that you need to take into consideration before you start to do any remodeling of your basement area is moisture problems.
    • Check for any untreated leaks, crack of water pipes or dampness in any area within the basement that could create mold and mildew especially when you start to place in carpet or gypsum board to your basement.
    • For any minor moisture problems, you can simply use water-lock paint and as for small cracks, you can seal them by using special caulking.

If you do not have any knowledge relating to moisture, you have to seek assistance from a knowledgeable contractor that you can trust on how to identify moisture problems and also safety precautions that need to be done before starting any remodeling.

  • You need to use suitable type of lighting in order to remodel your basement.
    • It is recommended that you use standard light fixtures like recessed lighting, lamps, and task lighting in order to make it look brighter than a normal basement environment.
  • If you managed to create proper insulation to your basement room, you would be having problems with humidity and temperature whenever you are in the room.
    • You need to insulate not only the basement wall, but also the floor of the basement.
    • Consider to have a HVAC system in the basement room.
    • Proper sealing of your basement is also a good idea to reduce the humidity issues.

      Always remember that when you want to finish and remodel your basement

      • Avoid the usage of industrial light fixtures. But if you want to create a loft room, you can use this type of lighting.
      • For those of you who want to create a room in your basement, you should consider having large amount of sunlight into the room by creating a new basement window or even try to add light wells.

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