How to Remove Bees from Rotted Trees

If you do not have the knowledge in removing bees from its hives, do not try to do the task and always ask for help from the expert or professional people. However, if you have the knowledge and if it is necessary, you can do the task on your own. If you notice bee hives in trees, nearby buildings or even on your house, the bees should be removed so that the people around you will not get hurt by the bee stung. You need to be extra careful when dealing with bees because if you are allergic to bee stings, the bee stung could cause danger to your life.

To remove bees from rotted trees, you need:

  • Long-sleeve shirt
  • Stiff coveralls
  • Long pants
  • Hat
  • Leather Gloves
  • Beekeeper bonnet
  • Bee-killing spray or Bee smoker
  • Insecticide

Removing Bees from Rotted Trees

How to Remove Bees From Rotted Trees

  • Whenever you want to destroy bee hives that you find situated nearby your house
    • It is best for you to do it especially in the spring or summer season
    • The bees are always active during the night. Therefore, you should get rid of the bees when they are not as active as during the night time.

Always take extra precaution especially in protecting yourself by wearing long sleeve shirt, pants, hand gloves, hat and bonnet in order to protect you from being stung by the bees.

  • The next step that you need to do is to apply a bee-killing spray or insecticide by following every instruction provided by the product’s manufacturer on the label of the can.
    • You need to use this solution and focus mainly on the entrance plus also soak the entire area surrounding the bee hives using the bee-killing spray or insecticide.
  • Once you have applied the bee-killing spray or insecticide
    • You have to monitor the bee hives for at least three days in order to ensure that all the bees are dead.
    • If you still find any active bees during the daylight, you should be spraying the hive again using the bee-killing spray or insecticide.
    • Then, you need to wait another three days and then check again whether there are anymore bees still alive.
  • After you are satisfied that all the bees are dead, you have to dispose off the hive
    • Ensure that you remove all the dead bees, the hives along with the honeycomb away from the tree.
    • If there is any leftover honey, you should remove them using dish soap and water them to prevent insects from moving into the hives and tree.
  • In order to prevent the recurring of the bees building other hives,
    • You have to cut down the tree immediately while the rotting wood would be another hiding place for other pests like termites. Therefore, you should also remove the rotting wood.

If you notice that there are lots of active bee populations residing in the hives or honeycomb, please do not proceed your task of removing the bees as the bees will feel agitated and start to attack you.

  • Apart from that, you can also create a bee trap using the following item
    • Look for two-liter soda bottle and remove the top of your soda bottle
    • Once finished, you need to flip the top side upside-down before you start to insert it into the bottom side.
  • Next, you need to tape the top and bottom of the soda bottle using duct tape
    • This is to ensure that they would not fall apart.
  • After that, you can put a few inches of juice or soda in the bottom of the soda bottle together with a little dish soap
    • The dish soap will make it difficult for the bees to land on the inside of the bottle instead they will slip into the inside of the mixture and drown.
  • You can also set the bottle trap just next to the tree in order to catch some of the bees where they will enter the soda bottle to eat on the sugary soda
    • However, they will end up slipping because of the dish soap.
    • This method will take longer time for you to remove the bees if it is a large hive population which might takes weeks or even months.

    Always remember that when you remove bees from any rotted trees

    • And if you are using chemicals, do not use any of the honey that you see from the honeycombs.
    • If the bee hives are located nearby your house, it is recommended that you use Ficam D dust because it is a recommendation for residential bee removal.
    • If you do not know how to remove the bees, you can also seek help from your local beekeepers whether they would be able to assist you or not.

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