How to Get Rid of Jumping Spiders

The Jumping spiders are given this name because the species always jump onto their targeted prey before they start to envenom their prey. In Latin country, the species are also known as Salticidae and it has the ability to jump as high as 5 inches. The Jumping spider has large eyes that come with variety of colors. It has various sizes ranging from very small, small or medium, plus also having quite hairy and black is the common color for the spider. Sometimes, you can also spot a red and orange color from the Jumping spider’s abdomen.

Many people hate spiders and would not want these crawly creatures to inhabit their houses. Although there are pests controller and chemical products that can be used to prevent spiders from living in your house, there are safer and cheaper ways such as using a more natural prevention. By using a natural prevention, you will not only clear the spider infestation in your house, but also create a safe environment for your family. Getting rid of spiders in your home is easier said than done. If the person has arachnophobia, surely it will be a difficult task to do, but if that person does not afraid of spiders he or she will be able to clean up the spiders and its webs very easily. One option that you can do to get rid of the Jumping spiders is by capturing them on your own. Apart from that, you can also spruce up your home and garden by getting rid of any cobwebs and egg sacs that you find within the area. Jumping spiders or any other species of spider that you find in your house should not be killed because they contribute a lot to your surrounding environment especially by feeding on other small insects.

To get rid of jumping spiders, you need:

  • Insecticide
  • Gloves
  • Tissue
  • Vacuum
  • Duster
  • Sealant

Getting Rid of Jumping Spiders

How to Get Rid of Jumping Spiders

  • One way that you can do in order to get rid of Jumping spiders in your house is to
    • Pick up the spider by using your bare hand and lay it down outside of your house. If possible as far away from your house.

Always remember to wear gloves or use a tissue as protection to your skin or hand. This is because Jumping spiders are considered poisonous even if their bite is rarely serious. However, once you are bitten by the spider, it will result to redness along with swelling on the affected area.

  • Another way that you can use is by removing all spider webs that you can find inside your house.
    • You can sweep, dust and vacuum all the cobwebs and egg sacs especially if it is inside your house.
    • As for the outside area, cobwebs and egg sacs can be removed just by spraying them using your water hose.
    • Without the spider cobwebs and egg sacs, your house and garden will not be attractive to the Jumping spiders.
  • You must always maintain a clean, clutter-free house and garden
    • Make sure there are no debris, dust or waste left near your house or garden
    • Clear and clean off any potential crawling area such as basements and other dark storage area
    • If there are any wood piles, make sure to remove them immediately
    • If there is any vegetation or bushes, make sure that you trim them down so that it will not grow and lean against your house.
  • Reduce any access entry of spiders into your house by sealing any hole or cracks that you can find outside your house
    • Always ensure that all of your windows and doors are properly closed.
  • Another way of getting rid of Jumping spider is by using residual insecticides
    • You can simply spray the affected area where you think the jumping spiders might be hiding with the residual insecticides.
    • Make sure to also apply the residual insecticides to every corner in your house as well as other potential breeding areas.

Whenever you are using residual insecticides, you must always follow the instructions provided by the product manufacturer that you can see on the label. Always place the residual insecticides in safe place and away from your children and pets. Do not allow your children and pets to play around the area that you have treated with the insecticides.

Always remember that when you want to look for jumping spiders

  • They are normally found in your house windows as well as in your doors.
  • They are also fast when they move to other locations to hide or when they are targeting their prey using their ability to do a sudden jump to a specific area.

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