How to Repair a Scratched Leather Couch

A leather couch is a nice furniture to have in any household because of its sophisticated look when you display them in your living room or any other suitable area. However, the leather couch can be easily scratched by sharp object like pens, pencils, or sharp shoes if you are not careful in handling them. Apart from that, if you have cats or dogs living in the house, your leather couch can also be easily scratched and even long fingernails can also damaged the attractive finish of the leather couch. Scratched leather couch can be repaired by using several effective methods mentioned in this article.

To repair a scratched leather couch, you need:

  • 3 cotton cloths
  • Olive oil
  • Iron
  • Shoe polish
  • Cotton swab applicator
  • Pure lanolin cream
  • Quality leather conditioner
  • Clear nail polish

Repairing a Scratched Leather Couch

How to Repair a Scratched Leather Couch

  • First method that you can use to repair a scratched leather couch is by using olive oil.
    • Try to dab a cotton cloth onto the olive oil
    • Rub them into the scratched area on your leather couch with a gentle circular motion.
    • Make sure that you do not pour any olive oil on your leather couch surface because it can create a grease stain thus providing you with another big problem.

Olive oil provides you with flexibility that can help in bonding back your leather couch together again especially if the scratch is light. If you have rub the olive oil on the affected area, but the scratches are still visible, you need to try and do the next step in order to repair the leather couch.

  • The next method that you can use is by using a cotton cloth
    • And damp the cloth because by wetting a cloth and place it on the scratched area will help repair your leather couch. Slightly deep scratch that you find on your leather couch should be able to be repaired using this method.
    • Make sure that the cloth does not drip. It must only be damp enough and able to leave wet residue once you removed it from the scratched area.
  • After that, you need to take an iron and heat it up
    • Once it is hot enough, you can press it on the damp cloth that you have placed over the scratched area on your leather couch.
    • The iron will produce heat that would be able to brought back the natural leather oils onto the surface and simultaneously repair the scratched area.
  • Shoe polish that closely matches the color of your leather couch is another method that you can use in order to repair any scratched area.
    • You will find that some scratches will be too deep for you to repair using olive oil. The shoe polish is much more suitable enabling you to camouflage the area that has been scratched.
    • The shoe polish can be applied onto the scratched area of your leather couch by using a cotton swab applicator.
    • Once you have applied it on the affected area, make sure you rub it clean and buff the area using another cotton cloth.
    • The above method will help bond back the scratched area and also camouflage the affected area from the eyes of your guests.
  • Another method that you can use is pure lanolin cream especially for deep scratches.
    • Rub the pure lanolin cream on the affected area so that you would be able to smooth its edges.
    • Rub it on with several applications of the lanolin cream in order to completely remove the scratch on your leather couch.
    • The pure lanolin cream also works as a softener solution and able to protect the leather couch’s surface especially from scratches in future.
  • The next method is by applying quality leather conditioner on the scratched area on your leather couch
    • This is suitable for removing small scratches as well as cracks on your leather couch.
    • Always make sure to do testing first on small area of the couch before you start to apply on the affected area so that you would be able to see any reaction.
    • The leather conditioner will also be able to remove imperfections, if there is any which was caused by human doings or dryness of the leather.
    • Finally, you need to apply a clear nail polish so that any snag created by the scratches can be smooth out accordingly.

    Always remember that if you do not have any knowledge on how to repair a scratched leather couch,

    • Make an effort to call the leather couch manufacturer so that you could enquire ideas on how to repair them. Most of the leather couch manufacturer provides leather repair kits especially for repairing minor damages that occur on leather couch.
    • Always take note that if the scratches are too deep, you may require seeking assistance from a professional because it might tear up and creates a bigger problem to your leather couch.

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