How to know the difference for the Glass Breakage Sensor and Window Sensor

We all need to have a home security system for our home as it’s the best way to feel secured in your own home is to have a security system installed in your home. To have a home security system installed in your home makes you feel safe without any worry.

In the world we are living in today, it’s a risky thing to live in a house without any security facilities. It could at any time bring danger to you and your family or whoever is living in your house. It is best to have a home security system installed in your house so that you would feel secure at all times; even when you are in or out your house.

Home security systems are a bit tricky to have and purchase as there’s a huge range of interesting home security systems that you can check out before making your choice. Two of the most popular faces of home security systems are the glass breakage sensor and window sensor. There are many people who can’t tell the difference between a glass breakage sensor and window sensor. There are some differences between these two types of home security sensors that are important to know if you are looking to install one of them in your home. You can choose either the glass breakage sensor or the window sensor or you can choose both.

Both window sensors and glass breakage are used to monitor the condition and the safety of your windows, in terms of home security, especially when you live in a prime area where the entrance would be thieves. Window sensors register when an unauthorized window opening happens while the other sensor depends on sounds to trigger the alarm. Here is the information for both sensors types.

Difference for the Glass Breakage Sensor and Window Sensor

  • The glass breakage sensors will monitor the area for the sound of the shattering glass and splintering woods. While the window sensors are two-part devices that attach to the window itself and the frame. The window sensors will sound the alarm when the window is opened without any authorization.
  • Both of the sensors are available in wireless configurations. You could also wire these sensors into your home’s alarm system and will trigger the house alarm if the sensor is set off.
  • For the placement, a glass breakage sensor can be placed mounted on the wall or ceiling. This sensor will monitor all windows within its direct path, however it cannot hear through the doors and around the corners. A window sensor must be mounted on or close to the window that needs to be monitored.
  • A single glass breakage sensor can monitor all windows within a 35 foot radius, as long there are no walls, doors or any other objects interfering the sound. For window sensors, they could only manage to monitor one window per device.

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