How to Remove a Dent with a Hair Dryer


It might not be possible to think that you can remove a dent on your vehicle only by using a hair dryer together with a compressed air. Somehow, this inexpensive method actually works. To see how this method works, you need to read this article and understand the flow in order for you to try it yourself at home if ever you have a dent on your car. You do not have to worry about damaging your car paint because this technique will not destruct your vehicle’s paint. It will only heat the affected metal and expands it.

To remove a dent, you need:

  • A hair dryer
  • Compressed air
  • Can of air duster
  • Extension cord
  • A clean rag

Removing a Dent with a Hair Dryer

How to Remove a Dent with a Hair Dryer

  • First thing to do is to for you to get your hair dryer and compressed air ready
    • Plug an extension cord to your power supply so that your hair dryer would be able to reach the vehicle
    • Plug the hairdryer to the extension cord
    • Then, set highest level of heat of your hair dryer before you hold it near the affected dent area
    • Heat the affected area for at least two minutes and then you start moving it evenly over the whole surface of the dent
    • Once finished, you need to ensure that affected area is hot enough before proceeding to the next step

Kindly take note that any overheating done on the area will cause damage to the metal.

  • Next step is for you take a can of air duster
    • Turn it upside down before you start to spray it over the dent right after heating the area with your hair dryer

It is also important for you to hold the can of air duster upside down in order for its content to produce liquid forms. Make sure that no liquid drops onto your skin because it is harmful to human skin.

  • Once you finish spraying, an ice foam will be forming on the affected area
    • Then, you have to wait for the ice to melt
    • During the ice melting process, you would be able to hear a popping sound coming from the dented area. That means your dented area has returned to its original shape
    • Any excess of liquid needs to be wiped off by using a clean rag until you see no more ice left on your vehicle


Always remember that when you try to remove a dented area on your car by using a hair dryer

  • It should not be damaging the paint of your vehicle
  • However, you should try and test the spraying of your air duster that you need to hold upside down on a small area of your vehicle to make sure that it does not damaged your car paint

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