Making your own pop-up place card

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Decorate your table with this pretty and easy to do pop-up place card. These place cards will make a great addition to your decorations for thanksgivings dinner or Christmas dinner. The glittering decoration on the card will add a special effect of glamour when set on a table with candle lights. It is simple and inexpensive to make and you will be impressed on how they are of  the same quality as the type of place cards that you buy at the decoration shop. Here how you can make the pop-up place cards;

Materials and tools you need:
Colorful card stock, glitters, clear glue, craft knife

How to make:
First, decide the kind of design to put on your template. You can search them in the clip art of your computer or on the Internet. If you are making them for thanksgivings then search designs with fall theme such as fall leaves, birds, pumpkin wreath or acorns.

Then, print them on card stock with color of your choice. You can print the design with color or mono black according to your creativity. Make sure to place the design in a specific place on the card stock. Place your design in the middle or halfway to the edge of the card stock.

Next, making a pop-up effect is easy. Using a sharp craft knife, cut only the top of printed design and leaving the rest design uncut. Next, fold the card in half and press up the cut design to make it pop. Write your guest names with metallic gel pens and markers.

Finally, decorate your printed design with colorful glitters that matches the hues of your other table decorations. Spread the printed design with some clear glue to place where you want the glittering effect take place. You can scatter the glittering dust on the place card inside a big bowl to prevent any mess. If your printed design in mono black, you can add metallic glitters such as silver and golden. There is no limit to your creativity.

If you can’t print your design, you can also design your own template on the card stock by free hand drawing. The method is easy; make a rectangle size according to how big your place cards you want. Then, draw the design with pencil on the middle of the rectangle or near the edges as long the design is in the middle position of the card. Then color your design and repeat the same process as mentioned on top.

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