Making corns garland for fall decorations

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Autumn season is a time to celebrate harvesting season for famous fruits and vegetables such as pumpkins, corns and many more. Take corns for instance, there is so many types and flavors of corns which also can be use for crafting. You can create an autumnal garland using different multicolored dried corn. Hang this decorative garland or drape it around the doorway or walkways at your house. After the falls celebration, this garland could be use as treats for the squirrels at your garden. Here is how to make your corn garland.

Materials and tools:
Multicolored dried corn, raffia (can be found in any craft store), floral wires, scissors.

How to make:
First, place the dried corn cobs about 5 to 8 inches apart from each other on a length of raffia. The length of the raffia depends on how long your garland decoration to be. Before doing this project, measure the place where you want to decorate, so you can have exact amount of raffia and corn cobs to use for this project.

After arranging the corn cobs, using the raffia itself, tie around each cob where the husk meets the kernels. The finished garland ill hang vertically.

If you want your corn garland to hang horizontally, tie the tip of each of the corn cob to the husk of the next by using floral wire. Use fine tip pliers if needed.

Finally, you can decorate your corn garland with brown, orange or yellow hued ribbon or just leave as it is. This garland works perfectly as your doorway decoration. Add other decorative items such as pumpkins and fall leaves to echo the harvest season.

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