How to Neaten a Down Comforter


Down comforters never fail to provide you with the warmth and coziness especially during cold winter nights. It is not only suitable for winter months, but also can be used throughout the year. Some people like to neaten them using the dry-cleaning method, but it is quite expensive if you do it regularly. However, you can also clean your own down comforter without sending them to your nearby launderette. All you have to do is follow a few steps as mentioned below and you would be able to clean them and make it look just like a new comforter.

To neaten a down comforter, you need:

  • Dryer balls, canvas sneaker or tennis balls
  • Mild laundry detergent
  • Bleach (if it is applicable and suitable with your down comforter)
  • Washer and dryer
  • Dry-clean kit for your dryer
  • Duvet cover


Neatening a Down Comforter

How to Neaten a Down Comforter

  • First thing that you should do in order to clean a down comforter is to place them into your washing machine. Always make sure that your washing machine is large enough to cater for your comforter
    • Front-loading washing machine especially the one used commercially is the most suitable to use for washing your down comforter. The machine is a better option for you to use because when comforters are wet they become very heavy and cannot be washed using a domestic average sized washing machine.
    • If you have a white colored down comforter, use some bleach dispenser and put it into the washing machine when you wash them.

Remember to ensure that the washing machine is suitable for washing your down comforter. If it is not large enough, do not try to wash the comforter because it might ruin or damage not only your washing machine, but also the down comforter.

  • You can also add regular detergent into your washing machine because most of down comforters are made of white color fabric. Regular detergent should be sufficient enough to clean the comforter. Always wash them sparingly if the comforter is white.

Always set your washing machine to the most delicate setting available. Do not use hot or cold water when neatening the comforter, lukewarm water is the most suitable for you to use. Make sure to mix your mild detergent thoroughly with the lukewarm water before you put in the down comforter.

  • Once finished washing your down comforter, you need to check whether it has been cleaned thoroughly before putting it into the dryer.
    • The comforter might look a little bit gray in color if you look at it at a glance. However, after a while you would be able to see whether the comforter looks clean or not.
    • Always set your dryer to the lowest setting before you start to dry your down comforter.
    • You can also add some dryer balls in order to fluff your down comforter so that you will see as if it is a new comforter once you finished drying it.
    • If you do not have any dryer balls, tennis balls or even canvas sneaker can also be used as alternative in replacing dryer balls to achieve the purpose.
    • To create a feeling of fresh scent on the down comforter, add a dryer sheet together with the down comforter that you are drying.

Using dryer balls helps you reduce the time of drying your down comforter in half thus you will be able to save on your energy usage. Apart from that, dryer balls are also inexpensive and easily available for you to purchase from your local supermarket.

  • After you have finished drying your down comforter, make sure that you dry it thoroughly for at least one day
    • Always ensure that you check your down comforter by fluffing them and also feel it whether there is still any wet section of your down comforter.
    • You also need to make sure that there is no moisture left on the down comforter because if there is moisture, the down comforter’s feathers will be flattened by the moisture that exists within the comforter.
  • Finally, once you feel that the down comforter has fully dried, you can place it back onto your bed.

    Always remember that when you want to use your down comforter

    • Ensure that it has dried thoroughly because a comforter that is not dry will create mildew especially when you store them inside your closet. You must always store your down comforter in a cool closet with good ventilation.
    • Do not clean your down comforter very often because you do not want its feathers to break down. Over washing your down comforter can also damaged the down clusters, clearing off its natural oils as well as causing the comforter to shrink or become distorted.

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