How to Give New Life to an Old Table Top


After you have been using your table top for a long period, you will be able to notice lots of scratches on its surfaces and it might also worn out the surface of the table. One way that you can change the look of your old table top is by giving it a facelift. For example, you can paint the table top with a fresh color so that it will look like a new table top. You can also personalize your table with your choice of painting method and it is also simple for any one of us to learn this simple process. You only need to use a few tools that you normally have and available at every household, plus also a few hours in order to create a fresh new look to your old table or other furniture that you want.

To give new life to an old table top, you need:

  • Mild soap
  • Water
  • Rags
  • Stiff brush
  • Sandpaper
  • Wood filler
  • Tack cloth
  • Primer
  • Paint, water-based acrylic
  • Foam brushes, 2- to 3-inch size
  • Varnish, water-based

Giving New Life to an Old Table Top

How to Give New Life to an Old Table Top

  • First thing that you need to do before you start to give a new look to your old table top you have to
    • Clean the table top thoroughly by using mild soap and water. Apart from using a rag to clean the table, you also need to use a stiff brush for removing stubborn stain, dirt or built-up grime that can be found in small crevices like the turnings in the table’s leg.
    • Once finished, you need to leave the surface to dry thoroughly.
  • For a surface that is glossy or never been painted,
    • You need to sand its surface by using a medium grit type of sandpaper.
    • If you notice any deep gouges or scratches on any of the surface of the table, you have to repair it using wood filler.
    • After that, you need to proceed with the sanding process in order to make any of the rough spots much smoother.

You must make sure to use a clean tack cloth for removing all the sanding residue as well as dust found on the surface of the table

  • The next step is to take a tack cloth so that you would be able to wipe off any of the sanding residue and dust right after you finish doing any sanding of the table.
  • Then, you can apply primer on the entire surface of the table. What kind of primer that you want to use does not matter because any primer made for walls are suitable to be used on the table.
    • Once finish applying the primer, you need to allow the surface to dry thoroughly.
  • After that, you can start paint your table top along with its legs. You can paint them using a foam paint brush.
    • Paint the table with long and even strokes.
    • Once you have done painting, you need to allow the surface to dry thoroughly.
    • You also need to apply at least two or three more coats. Make sure to allow the paint to thoroughly dry in between each of the coats you are doing.
    • If you have the time, you can apply as many coats that you desired in order to have a good result of the table.
    • Do not forget to that you need to allow the surface to dry thoroughly
  • In order to finish and protect your table’s surfaces, it is recommended that you apply a coat of varnish that is considered as a clear topcoat on the surface of the table or even by using sealer to finish and protect its surfaces.

    Always remember that when you want to apply more coats onto your table top surfaces

    • You must make sure that right after each coats have been applied, you must leave them to dry completely before you start to re-coat it again.

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