How to Decorate Your Apartment

In order to have a nice and decorative apartment that you are proud of calling it your home, it does not always require you to have a renovation, which normally is not cheap or by purchasing extraordinary items that sometimes cost more than the budget that you have. With some creativity, proper planning and also quality items that you can find in your house you would be able to beautify and equipped your apartment, plus also it will also feel good whenever you entertain your family and friends.

To decorate your apartment, you need:

  • Evaluate your apartment area
  • Look for suitable ideas
  • A budget
  • Planning and creativity
  • Thinking outside the box
  • Patience
  • Create do-it-yourself items
  • Sewing machine

Decorating your Apartment

How to Decorate your Apartment

  • First thing to do is for you to sit down and do some evaluation of your apartment area and make a list of its features of pros and cons.
    • For example you can check if your apartment is designed with big windows or low ceilings. Look for ideas on how to change the look of the area to be more different than before.
    • You can also remove any of undesirable elements, which are not suitable anymore for your apartment.
    • As for low ceilings, you can use up-tilting lamps to provide as much lighting as possible. You need to also paint the ceiling or kitchen wall with shimmery, satiny, pale color or darker shades.
    • Besides that, you should add your room floor with colorful floor cushions, unique rugs as well as low-to-the-ground seating.

If your apartment looks dark, you have to light up the surrounding using light-colored walls, sheer curtains along with some plants. Make use of mirrors as they reflect lights and limit the appearance of shadows.

  • The next step is to go to yard or garage sales and look for reasonable price décor items.
    • Items that you can look for include antique furniture, wall décor or even storage items. Even if there are any beds or sofas that you can acquire, it is considered good because these items can be spruced up by using mattress covers or slip covers.
  • You can also look for ideas that relates to décor arrangement by browsing through online websites such as Craigslist, Backpages or other websites that is suitable in providing you with outstanding designing ideas to decorate your apartment.
    • You would also be able to find websites that provides people who are always moving out of their houses who try to sell off most of their belongings or furniture or even estate sales normally done online for someone who have passed away. Sometimes all of these items are hard to find in the market and you will be getting them with reasonable price through estate sale.
  • Do-it-yourself items can also be used to decorate your apartment
    • Some of the items include tables, chairs as well as entertainment centers. For example, you can visit stores like IKEA who have lots of décor and storage which is unique and even help you save on your budget.
  • If you have small size apartment, you can look for loft beds (similar to bunk beds) which enables you to accommodate a few peoples in a small apartment area.
    • Loft beds have the capability of housing a bed on top or even place it beneath a desk area in order to save you some space.
  • You can also look for nice items from dollar stores that offer home décor, cleaning products, storage items, kitchen utensils and many more to further enhanced your apartment
  • Make use of bed and bath accessories to change the surrounding of your apartment, along with the usage of colorful match of bed linen, curtains and an area rug. Besides that, you can also match your shower curtain, towels or even your bath rugs with same color tone.

If you have lots of personal collections of movie posters or even vintage items, you can also make use of them to decorate your apartment. You can use them to either decorate your walls, shadow boxes or place them on the shelf in creating personalized décor.

Always remember that even simple ideas can be use for decorating your apartment

  • Even if you have free or inexpensive furniture, which is still in good condition, you can change their look by painting, sanding or apply some elbow grease on them.
  • You can also attend free workshops or seminar organized by home improvement warehouses where most of the projects can be easily done on your own.
  • You can also look for unique items from consignment shops, thrift stores or surplus hotel furniture outlets.

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