How to Remove Grease from Concrete


It is not an easy task to remove grease stain from your concrete walkway, patio or driveway if it has been there for quite sometime. Grease stain can cause damage to your concrete and you should remove and treat them immediately once you notice of any grease existence on your concrete. It is common in every household to find oil and grease stains on driveway or garage floors especially caused by our own vehicle. Most of the time, the stains can be removed just by using ordinary dish soap, but for stubborn stains, you will need to do some extra work. Here, we provide you with some tips and information on how to remove grease stains from your concrete.

To remove grease from concrete, you need:

  • Fresh sawdust or kitty litter
  • Dry cement
  • Ordinary dish soap
  • Liquid dish soap
  • Water
  • A nylon scrub brush
  • Old towel

Removing Grease from Concrete

How to Remove Grease from Concrete

  • First thing to do is to use a thick layer of fresh sawdust or kitty litter and spread them on the affected grease area
    • By doing this, the sawdust or kitty litter will absorb any of the excess grease stains found on the concrete’s surface.
  • Once you finish spreading the sawdust or kitty litter, you need to allow them to sit on the affected area for at least one or two days.
    • After that, you can sweep away all the dirty sawdust or kitty litter and see the result on the affected area.

We advice you not to use scrub brush made of wire bristles when you are treating stain on your concrete. This is because water can make the wire bristles to rust thus resulting to new stain coming out from the rust. Besides that, wire bristles can also cause scratch to your concrete.

  • The next step is for you to pour dry cement on the affected area of your concrete
    • Then, you need to allow the cement to sit on them for at least one or two days

Whenever you decide to clean any grease stains off your outdoor concrete area using dry cement, you must ensure that the forecast for your area is sunny and having clear skies. If rain water falls on your dry cement, it will result in hardened concrete and damage them.

  • After that, you can sweep away any of the dirty cement and place it in a bag to dispose them
    • Make sure that your dried cement does not enter your drain or sewerage system, other wise you will be encountering a much bigger problem.

    Always remember that when you remove grease from your concrete using sawdust or kitty litter and dry cement

    • The sawdust or kitty litter will in the end soak any excess of the grease stains on your concrete surface while the dry cement help absorbs the excess stain off the concrete.
    • If you notice any grease stain on your concrete, try to clean them immediately

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