How to Pull a Windmill Pump


Ever since it has been introduced to mankind windmills has been used for many purposes that include for milling, energy production and for pumping water into your homes, businesses and also for usage in the farms. For windmills that are being used for pumping water, you would be able to see them normally on ranches and farms all over the United States. Not only that, it is always a joy to watch the pumping of the windmills. You would be able to see large blades on top of every windmill and this component operated with help of the power coming from wind. Once it is turned on, it will provide power with the help from the wind to enable the pumping of groundwater for you to use. The windmill operates in a slow manner and some other purpose of using them include the ability to quietly-purring nonpolluting creatures, irrigate pastures and gardens, water livestock, supply and aerate ponds, plus also helps keep your storage tanks from overflowing with fresh water. You will find that a windmill’s pump is normally situated underground that will need to be pulled out and replaced occasionally as part of your maintenance.

To pull a windmill pump, you need:

  • Wrench

Pulling a Windmill Pump

How to Pull a Windmill Pump

  • The first thing that you need to do is to turn off the windmill from the bottom of your tower. The switch normally enables you to turn off the windmill and also preventing the blades from rotating in order to continue with your task of pulling out the windmill pump.

The pump rod is designed to work up and down through a hole in a stuffing box that is normally being stuffed using graphite rope. The purpose of having the stuffing is to allow only enough water to leak out around the hole so that it will lubricate the up and down action of your rod.

  • The next step for you to do is to disconnect the pump rod connector by using a wrench
    • By doing this step, you would be able to remove the well’s seat.
  • After that, you can start to pull up the pump rod through your well pipe.
    • Once you managed to pull up the pump, you have to disconnect each and every piece of the pump rod.
    • As you can see, each pieces of the pump rod are connected with each other with the coupler. Then, you need to turn the coupler that connected them together while your other hand is holding on to the other piece beneath it.

Sometimes you would be able to see that the pump rod can be as long as the depth of your well. It could reach between 100 feet to 300 feet long or even longer.

Always remember that if you want to pull a windmill pump,

  • You must make sure to pull all of the pump rod pieces until you manage to reach the pump.

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