How to Repair a Plastic Gas Tank on a Weedeater

If you have a small yard in front of your house, you need to do a regular maintenance on your yard to make it look clean and tidy. Your maintenance work will be a lot easier if you use a weedeater that is a modern and advanced product that helps you trim your trees or even other plants, bushes, other items as well as edging walkways. The weedeater unit is designed with a gas-powered, which is made of plastic. In the long run, this plastic gas tank can develop holes or even cracks. This expose will assist and provide you with some tips on repairing a hole or crack found on your plastic gas tank with a few simple steps and using the right equipment.

To repair a plastic gas tank on a weedeater, you need:

  • Fiberglass fabric
  • Scissors
  • Fiberglass epoxy
  • Hardening agent
  • Small plastic container
  • Small paintbrush
  • 200-grit sandpaper

Repairing a Plastic Gas Tank on a Weedeater

How to Repair a Plastic Gas Tank on a Weedeater

  • First thing that you need to do is to cut three strips of fiberglass fabric by using standard scissors.

You must ensure that the size of the fiberglass fabric should be a little bigger than the damaged area found on your plastic gas tank.

  • The next step that you need to do is to set your weedeater on a flat surface.
    • Then, you have to mix the epoxy along with the hardening agent.
    • Make sure that you follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer on the container.
    • You have to mix the epoxy and the hardening agent together in a small plastic container.
  • Once the mixture solution is ready, you can take a small paint brush and dip it into the mixture
    • Next, you can brush a coat of the mixture onto the affected area on your plastic gas tank.
    • Overlap the coat over the damaged area.
  • After that, you can set a piece of your fiberglass fabric on top of the affected area and also on top of the epoxy mixture that you have applied on the plastic gas tank.
    • Make sure that you set the piece of fiberglass fabric completely flat and smooth.
    • Then, you have to brush another layer of your epoxy mixture over the fiberglass fabric before you apply another piece of the cut fiberglass fabric.
    • Next, you need to apply a coat of the epoxy mixture over the second fiberglass fabric.
    • Finally, set the third piece of the fabric and once done, brush a final coat of epoxy mixture on top of your final piece of fabric.
  • After you have finished doing the above steps,
    • You should leave the plastic gas tank to dry thoroughly for at least 24 hours
    • If you notice any uneven area on the repaired area, you should lightly sand the affected or uneven areas simply by using a 200-grit of sandpaper.

    Always remember whenever you want to repair a plastic gas tank on a weedeater,

    • Especially using when you use epoxy mixture and fiberglass fabric, you must leave them to dry completely for at least one day.

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