How to Recycle Ultraviolet Light bulbs


People uses ultraviolet lights because it can last longer and also its ability to create fluorescent glow. Apart from that, ultraviolet lights also provide electromagnetic radiation that can be categorized in the same level between the light visible to humans and X-rays. The waves provided by the bulbs violet color comes with high frequencies than what humans can see at the top of a noticeable range. The bulbs can also be hazardous to the environment because the bulbs contain toxic mercury. Therefore, when you want to recycle your ultraviolet lighting at home or at work, you must do it the correct way and always take the safest way to dispose the bulbs.

To recycle ultraviolet light bulbs, you need:

  • Empty six-pack container
  • Determine the type of your ultraviolet light bulbs
  • Newspaper or bubble wrap

Recycling Ultraviolet Light Bulbs

How to Recycle Ultraviolet Light Bulbs

  • Firstly, you need to look for an empty cardboard six-pack
    • You will be using the empty cardboard six-pack as a container and carrier for your ultraviolet light bulbs.
    • The cardboard six-pack will protect the bulbs from breaking while you are bringing it to the recycling center whether by driving or using other mode of transport. Make sure to place one bulb in each slot of the cardboard six-pack container.
    • For extra protection, you can also use newspaper or bubble wrap in order to wrap your light bulbs.

Your ultraviolet bulbs contain mercury that is very dangerous and hazardous waste to the environment if it is not properly disposed off.

  • The next step to do is to get confirmation from your local recycling center by calling them up and check whether they will accept recycling of ultraviolet bulbs at their center.
    • Most of the recycling centers normally accept the ultraviolet bulbs.
    • In case if they do not want to accept the bulbs, you can ask them for information of the closest center that will accept recycle bulbs.
  • Once you find the right recycling centers, you can take the ultraviolet bulbs to the center and place them in suitable area that they have provided especially for light bulbs that contain mercury.
  • You also need to determine what type ultraviolet bulbs that you have.
    • Whether it is Compact fluorescent (CFL), High-pressure sodium vapor, Light-emitting diode (LED), Mercury vapor or Metal halide.


  • Apart from that, you can also look for private company or business that are capable of handling ultraviolet light bulbs and also provide disposal service of the bulbs.

Lots of local hardware stores accept ultraviolet light bulbs and can also contact them in order to find out more information on their policies relating to ultraviolet bulbs. You can search for information on recycling facilities in certain area from website such as Earth911

Always remember that if you want to recycle ultraviolet light bulbs,

  • Make sure to contact your local recycling center or state waste management program to get more information on how to dispose off your ultraviolet light bulbs.

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