How to Repair Lacquer

When you choose to use Lacquer finishes on your wooden furniture, it is for the purpose of creating a more elegant and classy look of the furniture, plus also enhanced the furniture’s toughness, durability and also water resistant. Sometimes damage can happen to your lacquered furniture thus making it look unattractive. Its lacquer coating that you applied on the furniture can chip and display discolored material beneath the coating. It is not that difficult for you to repair the damage on your lacquer that you applied on wooden furniture. This editorial will provide with some tips and information on how to repair damaged lacquer.

To repair lacquer, you need:

  • Paintbrushes
  • Liquid furniture polish
  • Matching oil-based stain
  • Soft clean cloths
  • Fine steel wool
  • Denatured alcohol
  • Linseed , vegetable or mineral oil
  • Hard furniture wax
  • Handful of pecan or walnuts
  • A little cigarette ash
  • Furniture wax sticks

Repairing Lacquer

How to Repair Lacquer

  • First of all, you need to review and examine the damaged area of your wooden furniture
    • Any scratch that you find on the surface might not only be a scratch, as it may be a stain on the surface of your wooden furniture.
    • Check the furniture thoroughly by running gently your fingernail over the surface of your furniture to see whether there is any depression really exists on the wood’s surface.
  • Finish that you applied on lacquered furniture are used to protect the wood. However, it still cannot protect it from stains. The stains can be removed by using a damp cloth that you dip into a small amount of alcohol.
    • Then, lightly rub the damp cloth over the stained surface and see whether the stains have been removed or not.
    • Other alternatives are by using an abrasive treatment and ready-made substances.
    • Besides that, you can also mix a little cigarette ash along with some oil to produce a paste. Once it is ready, you can paste it over the stain and leave it for a while.
    • After a few minutes, you can wipe it off using a clean cloth and let it dry.
    • Finally, you need to wax and polish the affected area.
  • In order to repair minor scratches, you can use a pecan or walnut.
    • Crack open the pecan or walnut before you break the nut into half.
    • Next, rub the broken surface against the scratch in order to allow its color to blend in nicely with the scratch and the rest of the wooden furniture.
    • Scratches in lacquered furniture can also be fixed by applying a little hard furniture wax along with some steel wool. However, you have to gently apply it in line with the wood’s grain before you end it off by using a soft cloth to buff the affected surface.
  • It will be a bit difficult if your lacquered furniture have deep scratches and dent problem.
    • In order to fix the problem, you need to use a furniture wax stick that comes with the same color of your wooden furniture. Pressed the wax stick firmly into the affected area until it is filled.
    • Then, you have to smooth the surface and if there is any excess of wax, you need to remove them by gently dragging a credit card or card board over the affected area.

Remember not to use any materials that will further damage or scratched the wood’s surface.

  • Makes sure that you allow the wax that you used to dry thoroughly and follow the instruction provided by the products manufacturer.
    • If you feel like applying stain after that, you need to be extra careful as you do not want the stain to get to other unaffected areas.
    • Once the stain has dried thoroughly, you can apply some of the hard furniture wax in order to buff the affected surface.

    Always remember that when you want to repair lacquer product

    • You must make sure that the table or furniture is not made of plastic, metal or other non-porous material. This material should be using lacquer faux finish paint.

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