How to Rid a Home of Pantry Moths or Weevils


If you do not want your home to be infested by pantry moths or weevils, you must make sure that all the areas of your house are kept clean. This is because pantry moths or weevils do not like a clean environment and always make sure that there is no food that is left and accessible to pantry moths or weevils. Through right here you would be able to learn how to get rid of pantry moths or weevils from your house.

To get rid of pantry moths or weevils, you need:

  • Airtight Containers
  • Hand Towels
  • Dish Soap
  • Cannister Vacuum Cleaners
  • Kitchen Sponges

To Rid a Home of Pantry Moths or Weevils

How to Rid a Home of Pantry Moths or Weevils

  • First thing to do is to check where is the area that has been infected by the pantry moths or weevils
    • Make sure to check all of the food packages that may be infested.
    • You need to also check if there are any webbing corners, grains clumped that have sticky secretions or even containers that have small holes.
    • Check also for small bugs or little moths that fly in your kitchen area or inside your food.
  • Make sure you clean all infested areas by using vacuum cleaner or scrubbing the area. Your kitchen cabinets need to be vacuumed and all shelves need to be scrubbed with soapy water.
    • Check also if there are any cracks or corners that the bugs may hide.
    • Ensure that you dry clean the area thoroughly and the same goes for the kitchen cabinets, plus also your food storage area.

If you find any infested food, you must immediately discard them and do not leave them in your dustbin for a long period.

  • Another step for you to do is to store all of your foods in a proper way.
    • For example, dirty containers need to be cleaned using hot and soapy water. Once done, you should rinse them to dry thoroughly before you can start using it again to refill new food.
    • Always keep your left over food separately from your new food, while for any items that you seldom use should be kept inside your refrigerator.

Always store your food inside a tightly sealed metal, glass or use hard plastic containers. Do not use plastic bags because pantry moths or weevils can penetrate the plastic easily.

  • Finally, you should get rid of the bugs food sources once you have determine the affected area immediately
    • For example, improperly stored food as well as rodents breeding grounds.

    Always remember that when you want to get rid of pantry moths or weevils

    • Make a regular check on your flour, dried chilies and candy because all these items are favorite food for pantry moth larvae
    • Pantry moth needed at least six to eight weeks to complete its life cycle growth
    • Remember not to use pesticides especially in area that you prepare your food or on the food.

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