How to Repair Scratches on a Leather Couch

Leather couches form part of a must accessory that will take your place, be it an office or home, to a whole new level of class and respect. As we all know, leather couches do not come cheap. This could be as these types of couches come with leather and of course, class that cannot just be achieved anywhere.

You will definitely feel frustrated whenever you find that your leather couch has been scratched your pet or even your child who is capable of adding up more scratches onto the leather couch. The leather couch can be easily scratched by sharp object that you have inside your house such as long fingernails, pens, pencils, or sharp shoes if you are not careful in handling them. Apart from that, your pets can also do damaged to the couch. In order to repair scratches on your leather couch, you can simply use certain items that are already available in your house like shoe polish, wax, or olive oil.

To repair scratches on a leather couch, you need:

  • Baseball Glove Conditioner
  • 3 cotton cloths
  • Olive oil
  • Shoe polish
  • Wax
  • Cotton swab applicator
  • Pure lanolin cream
  • Quality leather conditioner
  • Clear nail polish

Repairing Scratches on a Leather Couch

How to Repair Scratches on a Leather Couch

  • First of all, you need to determine the type of leather that you have.
    • Normally, you would be able to recognize your leather couch type of finish from the tag produces by its manufacturer.
    • The tag will mention to you the leather cleaning code such as A for Aniline leather, P for Secured leather, and N for Nubuck leather.
  • For a minor scratch that you find on your leather couch, you can simply use olive oil.
    • Take a cotton cloth and dab it onto the olive oil
    • Rub the cotton cloth over the scratched area with a gentle circular motion.

Always be careful when you use olive oil and ensure that it does not spill on other surface of your leather couch thus creating a grease stain and another big problem that you need to resolve.

  • The next method that you can use is by using a baseball glove conditioner
    • Then, apply the baseball leather conditioner to the affected area and leave it so that it will soak for several hours.
    • After that, you can take a soft cloth in order to wipe off the solution from your leather couch.
  • Shoe polish can also be use for repairing scratches on leather couch
    • Choose a shoe polish that has similar color to your couch.
    • We normally used shoe polish it is much more suitable and also enables you to camouflage the area that has been scratched.
    • Use a cotton swab applicator when you want to applied the solution onto the scratched area of your leather couch.
    • Leave it to set for several hours before you start to rub the affected area with cotton cloth so that it is clean.
  • Pure lanolin cream can also be use to repair deep scratches.
    • Firstly, you need to rub the pure lanolin cream on the scratches area enabling it to smoothen up its edges.
    • Try rubbing it with several applications of the lanolin cream so that you can monitor the situation and completely remove the scratch on your leather couch.
    • The pure lanolin cream not only works as a softener solution but also capable off protecting the leather couches surface from future scratches.
  • Another solution that you can use is quality leather conditioner that you can apply on the scratched area of your leather couch
    • Always make sure to do simple testing first on small area of the couch in order to see any reaction.
    • Finally, you need to find a clear nail polish and apply it on the scratches area. This is a good way of removing any snag created by the scratches and smooth it out accordingly.

    Always remember that if you do not know how to repair scratches found on your leather couch,

    • Contact the leather couch manufacturer to enquire ideas on how to repair them. Most of the leather couch manufacturer provides leather repair kits especially for repairing minor damages.
    • As for scratches that are too deep, you would not be able to repair it on your own. Try to seek assistance from a professional where he will normally paint the scratches with a color that matches the color of your leather couch. They will paint the couch by using a small brush, dry them off completely and then buff it.

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