How to Safely Remove Bats from Windows

We always get annoyed when an unwanted guest is in our home, uninvited. Other than people, any other thing in that matter to have in your house uninvited is really irritating. It is always better than before that thing gets comfortable in your own home, you find a way to make it leave your place. It could be a bird, a cockroach, a snake or even a bat. This doesn’t mean that we have to harm them especially if the intruder is not dangerous.

There should be no serious problem when a bat is your house as bats can sometimes find their way into your home through the chimney, open window or door and tiny crevices and they can even, most of the time, find their way out of your home. If not, as bad luck would have it, the bat may settle somewhere near or in your window. The reason is because the bat thinks that the window is the way out since the outside can be seen through the window. They also think that the window is the safest place to get away from you. There are safe and less hurting ways to remove a bat from your window. Here are the steps on how to safely and nicely remove a bat from your place’s window.

To safely remove bats from windows, you need:

  • Cardboard
  • Container
  • Thick gloves

How to Safely Remove Bats from Windows

  1. First, put on thick gloves before trying to go anywhere near the bat as who knows what it might do if it gets scared. This pair of gloves is for your own protection. Make sure to close off all the doors that lead out of the room where the bat is located. This is to make sure that the bat is isolated and will be easier to remove safely.
  2. Then, dim the lights slowly. The bat may try to hide when the light is on, so by dimming the lights will ensure the bat stays in a normal view. Try to open an outside door; there could be a chance that the bat may fly out of the house. If this step does not work, continue to the next step.
  3. Next, put a large coffee can or other container over the bat near the window. Do this step carefully and slowly to prevent from hurting the bat. Take a piece of stiff cardboard that is large enough to cover the entire entrance, slide it on the container to encase the bat.
  4. Finally, bring the container to the outside of your house and set it on the ground. Let the container open and watch the bat fly away safely.
    If the bat does not move due to injury or sickness, it is better not to release the bat outside. Check your local health authorities, and contact immediately. It would be a little too harsh to let out or throw out an injured bat as most of them are harmless creatures looking for a home.

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