How to Secure Your House, and Protect Your Family for Cheap


In order to secure your house and protect your family from intrusion, you do not have to use an expensive security system because there are cheap ways available for you to protect your property and also prevent any break-in. Beyond the traditional home security system; there are home security and safety options for your family to keep them safe. Although there are lots of choices when it comes to home security system for your door in the market today, the most important thing that you need to know is how to securely protect your place.

In order to have the most effective protection for your property and also the safety of your family, you can install a wireless home security alarm system. Below are some of the inexpensive tips for you to learn or adapt to in order to create a comfortable and affordable home security.

To Secure Your House, and Protect Your Family for Cheap, you need to have:

  • Security alarm sticker/sign
  • Door lock
  • Re-keying/changing locks
  • Wireless alarm/chime
  • Dedication

How to Secure Your House, and Protect Your Family for Cheap

  • Firstly, you can simply use a security sticker and place it at a suitable area outside your house or yard. These stickers usually cost just a few dollars and by having these kinds of signs, burglars will not make your house as their target for break-in thinking that your house has an alarm system installed.
  • When you purchase a new house or even after your house have been broken into by intruders, you should always change all of the locks on your doors or re-keyed them.
    • You never know who might be having the keys to your house if you do not change them immediately.
  • Make an effort every night before you go to sleep to check all your windows and doors. Make sure they are all securely locked and although this is just a simple task to do, statistics show that house break-in usually happen when the owners forgot to lock their doors or windows.
  • Another option for you to do is to add a chain lock or a latch-type lock onto your doors and this is also one of the cheap ways to secure your house. It is very easy to install and it is able to deter intruders from breaking into your homes.
  • When you are buying a new house always do some research on the neighborhood to see whether it has a high level of crime or not. You can check also with the city police departments on statistics of the area, check with the local newspapers or even do your own investigation on the neighborhood by spending time in the area.
  • You should have a well-lit pathway that leads to your front door or porch by having a good lighting outside your house and its entrance. Besides that, you can also use lights that have motion-sensor, which are cheap and easy to install in strategic places within the perimeter of your house.
  • It is recommended that you trim any trees or shrubs in order to eliminate a hiding place for any intruders. This will show to passers-by that your house is well cared and secured.
  • Another option is for you to install a peep hole in your front door enabling you to see who is knocking outside your door. Always remind yourself and family members not to open the door to any strangers.
  • You can also join your neighborhood watch program in order to reduce crime and prevent unwelcome intruders to enter the area. By doing this, you would be able to make friends with your neighbors and help keep an eye on each other when the need arises.
  • Whenever you are going out of town, you should cancel all deliveries such as newspaper or not leaving stacks of mails outside of your door. If you do not do this, burglars will know that you are not at home and will try to break-in during this period. You can also ask your neighbors to pick up your mails if you are expecting any deliveries while you are away.
  • Finally, you need to create speed-dial on important numbers such as the police, fire department, hospital, school, neighbors or your relatives so that you can easily contact them during an emergency case.

In order to protect your property and also the safety of your families, you can install home security door sensor systems at your house. Having a home security alarm system helps provide the feeling of safety whether you are away at work as well as when you are sleeping at the night.

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