Ideas for Setting up an Outdoor Grill Area


For those of you who have a big area around your home, it would be nice for you have an outdoor grill area for organizing gathering for your friends and families. No matter what type of grill that you are using for your outdoor cooking, the most important thing is the area that you have chosen to setup the outdoor grill. Planning is the most important when you want to choose a perfect area for outdoor grilling and also identifying all the necessary thing that you have, your needs or the less important thing that can be ignored. The climate that you live in may also help you make decisions. For example, the weather elements, seasonal insects and light patterns, plus also whether you need to use artificial lighting will also be quite important in helping you to decide on the most suitable area for your outdoor grilling. Below are some useful tips that you can adhere to whenever you decide to setup a barbecue area near your house.

To setup an outdoor grill area, you need:

  • Easy excess of standard utilities
  • Use common measurement
  • Plan the layout of the area with the material that you are using
  • Ensure that your plan would be able to cater for future extension

Ideas for Outdoor Grill Area

Ideas to Setup an Outdoor Grill Area

  • The first thing that you need to do is to check and locate all the utilities that you need to use whether they are available or near to the chosen area.
    • It will make your task much easier and also reduce on your expenses if all the necessary utilities are well in place.
    • For instance, if you want to add an outdoor sink to your outdoor grill, you must make sure to have easy excess of water and drainage near the area.
    • It is also good to have an electrical power that enables you to use a blender or even set up a big screen TV when you entertain your guest.
    • It should also be close to your kitchen for having easy access to any materials that you need to use.

Make sure that your outdoor grill area has proper venting in order to avoid any smoke from coming or blowing into your house or even could create a fire hazard if it is too near any flammable items.

  • Always make use of common measurement for any accessories that you want to use for your outdoor grill.
    • For example, for adding a countertop, you should be use a dimension of at least 24 inches but a more realistic working area should be at least 54 inches. The finished height of a countertop is normally 36 inches up to 38 inches in height. As for the depth of your countertop depend on the appliances that you use like the built-in grill which normally between 30 inches to 36 inches.
    • If you like having a bar at your outdoor grilling area, you need to have a depth of at least 30 inches to 36 inches while its height is between 42 inches to 44 inches. Make sure that you provide extra space for your leg movement of at least 15 inches.

You also can do some research on any exciting barbecues, countertops or even outdoor kitchen available through the internet or from your nearby outdoor kitchen stores. In addition, you also should consider having low energy appliances, recycled items along with possible rebates or promotion offered by certain stores.

  • Design your outdoor grill area based on every item that you already have around your house.
    • Your patio can also be suitable area for outdoor grilling.
    • You should also take into consideration of your available budget. You must first start to look for the grill itself and then followed by the utensils, accessories for hanging them, towels and also potholders.
    • You need to also consider having cabinets and countertop for your work area when you want to prepare your food for the barbecue. Having a refrigerator is also an optional which is also convenient for you.

A traditional work triangle in a normal kitchen is not important to create in your outdoor grill area. You can provide seating for your families and friends near the work area as well as providing a bar just near your cooking area.

  • Make sure that your grilling area has the capacity of being extended in the near future.
    • You can simply start by having a simple grill and table. Expansion project can be done as and when your budget permits.
    • From just a small patio grilling area, you can extend it further into a spacious deck.

    Always remember that whenever you want to setup an outdoor grill area

    • Try to follow your house design and garden so that the grilling area will be able to blend in nicely with the surrounding.
    • If possible try to create an outdoor kitchen that can be use throughout the year and not only suitable for barbecue usage only.
    • Make sure that your outdoor grilling barbecue area could handle all the weather elements from your living climate and able to last for a long period of time.
    • Your outdoor grilling kitchen should be easy to maintain, clean and repair.

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