Making Charcoal Fire Grill

It is always easy for you to cook your meals over an open fire grill. Even though a gas grill or an electric grill is always available in the market nowadays, lots of us prefer using the traditional and cost-effective charcoal fire grill. A charcoal fire grill can also be personalize according to your taste and personality especially if you like having guest coming to your house for gathering. For those of you who are thinking of building a charcoal fire grill on your own, you must make sure to plan it carefully and you will find the following information quite useful for you and assist you in building a good charcoal fire grill.

To make a charcoal fire grill, you need:

  • Charcoal grill
  • Clean, unused metal trashcan lid
  • Fifty-pound bag of sand
  • Charcoal lump or briquette charcoal
  • Charcoal stove
  • Grill top
  • Chimney starter
  • Bucket of water
  • Fire-tending tool (a garden hoe with the handle cut down)

Making your own Charcoal Fire Grill

Making a Charcoal Fire Grill

  • The first thing that you need to do is to prepare the right place where you want to place your charcoal fire grill. Normally the grill will be quite low to the ground and you must ensure that the ground that you have chosen is heat proof and fireproof.
    • The structure of the area should also be flammable and the most suitable type of surface is a concrete surface.
    • If you are building it on a ground, make sure that there is no grass beneath it and the grill should be built on pure soil. You can simply pour 50 pounds of sand onto the surface before building the grill and shape the sand into a mound. Then flattened a bit on top of it enabling you to create a plateau which is as large as the trash can lid.
  • The next step is for you to insert the trash can lid and make sure that the top of your trash can lid is facing down.
    • Press firmly the lid into the plateau on top of the sand that you have made earlier.
    • You need to press it until you are satisfied that the lid would not be able to move around. Then, push back the surrounding sand around the outside of your lid for additional support.
  • Then, you need to choose the right size of grill top for your charcoal fire grill.
    • You need to measure the circumference of the lid.
    • Once you get the measurement, you can look for a slotted grill top which is slightly bigger than your measurement at your nearby hardware store.
    • The grill top that you purchase need to be set on top of your inverted trash can lid. You must ensure that it fits in nicely into the lid.
  • After you have finished the above step, you can start lighting up the fire for your new grill.
    • Next, you have to remove your grill top from the inverted trash can lid in order for you to create a small charcoal in a pyramid shape right in the middle of the concave area of your inverted trash can lid. Create a small well in the centre.
    • By using the charcoal stove, you need to ignite newspaper with a small amount of charcoal. Then, wait for a few minutes until the charcoal in your stove start to glow.
    • After it has been ignited, you can start to dump in the hot coals from the stove into the wall right at the centre of the pile of coal located inside your inverted trash can lid.
    • Then, you need to replace the grill top and stoke the coals to enable the rest of the coal to ignite.
    • You can start to grill your food once the above step is done.

If you have finished grilling on your charcoal fire grill, you can extinguish the fire by slowly and gently pour a bucket of water onto it.

Always remember that whenever you want to make a charcoal fire grill

  • Make sure to prepare a full bucket of water nearby the grilling area whenever you are creating an open flame in case of emergency purpose.

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