Tips for Adding Gas to your Lawn Mower


In order to operate your push lawn mowers or ride-on lawn mowers, you need to use gas. However, the type of gas that you need to use depends on the engine of the lawn mower. The most common lawn mower used nowadays normally uses combustion engine, which uses gasoline. Before you add on the gas you must make sure to read the owner’s manual of the lawn mower in order to determine the right kind of fuel to use. This is because some lawn mower need to use a higher octane type of gasoline and others might not need this type of gas. You will also find lawn mowers that uses diesel to operate it. Below are some of the steps that you can learn if you want to add gas to your lawn mower.

To add gas to lawn mower, you need:

  • Funnel
  • Gas can

Adding Gas to Lawn Mower

Tips for Adding Gas to your Lawn Mower

  • The first thing that you need to do is to determine the type of gas used by your lawn mower.
    • You will notice that some lawn mowers uses regular unleaded gas similar to the one used by cars while some other use a combination of gas and oil.
    • You must always make sure that you use the right type of gas for the lawn mower so that you would not damage its engine.
  • The next step is for you to find the gas tank for your lawn mower’s engine.
    • It should not be that difficult for you to find the gas cap because it is designed for user to access it often.
  • Once you have found it, you need to unscrew the cap of your gas tank.
    • The threaded cap is a common design for standard lawn mowers where you can easily twist its top right off.
    • Other type of gas caps include lock caps which requires you to have a key or a cap that is fastened down right at the bottom using a keyed locking mechanism. In order to open it you simply need to turn it until the opening key point matches up thus allowing you to lift it right off.
  • You simply need to take a peek inside the gas tank to be able to see how much gas that you should add for the lawn mower.
    • You can also use a flashlight if you could not see the inside of the gas tank.

Place a funnel in the gas receptacle. A funnel is not necessary if your gas can has a pouring nozzle built into it. If it doesn’t however, a nozzle will help you get all of the gas from the can into the tank without much spilling.

  • Then, you can pour the suitable type of gas into your lawn mower’s gas tank until it is fully loaded.
    • Remember not to overfill the gas tank because it may cause the gas to spill over. If this happen, you need to wipe the gas as clean as possible.
    • Always pour the gas from your gas can carefully. If you are using a funnel, make sure that you do not pour it too fast because the funnel’s neck only allows so much gasoline during one time.
    • As for gas can that comes with a pouring nozzle, you can do it much quicker because the nozzle helps regulate the speed of the gas when you start to pour.
    • Once you have enough gasoline, carefully remove the gas can pour spout or its funnel from the gas receptacle.

If the gas over spill while you are using the lawn mower you would be able to notice a distinct odor of the gas and therefore, you must immediately check the gas tank.

  • Once you have finished filling the gas, you must screw back the cap over the lawn mower’s gas tank.
    • After that, you can proceed to start the engine and begin to lawn your garden.

    Always remember that whenever you want to add gas to your lawn mower

    • Gas that you use must always be stored in an appropriate gas tanks and containers.
    • The gas that you want to use should be kept away from flammable items and also not too near to extreme heat or flames.
    • Make sure that you have a broom, dustpan along with a small bag of kitty litter with you whenever you are dealing with gasoline. All these items can be use as a spill kit. For instance, the kitty litter helps you to absorb spilled gas if it happens while the broom and dustpan enables you to sweep them immediately at once.
    • If you accidentally spill any gas on your lawn mower, you must wait for it to completely dissipate before you can continue using the lawn mower again.

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