Increasing security in your home

It is important for you to increase the security of your house in order to protect yourself, your belongings and also your family from burglars and unwanted intruders. Of course, you can install the various range of security systems in the market today but the main thing to do is the basic form of security is making sure that your front and back door locks, along with its inside locking that will help you protect any break-in. Below are some of the steps to enable you to increase the security in your home.

What you need to do:

  1. Double check every doors and windows in your house
  2. Keep your keys at a proper and safe place
  3. Install additional walkway lights or solar lights
  4. Install motion detecting lights
  5. Install video display or CCTV
  6. Trim the trees or landscape that blocks windows
  7. Install a simple magnetic door alarms
  8. Putting a rod or broom handle at your patio\’s base


  1. First of all, you have to make sure that all of your house\’s entrances and windows are properly locked and they cannot be easily opened from the outside, check whether all windows latch are working properly, check that all door locks and dead bolts are also working, plus also do not leave any type of ladder outside your house which could be used to climb your window on the next level. If you are using the standard cylinder lock which is not very difficult to bypass, make sure that it always has extra protection as second options of security. This type of lock comes with thousands of variations which is simple to be duplicated by locksmith and try not to lose its key. If you have lost the key, immediately change the lock to a new one.
  2. The next measure that you can take is fixing your walkway with low accent lights or solar lights. If you have install an alarm system to your house, ensure that the stickers for the alarm are well visible to people from outside. Apart from that, motion detecting lights can also be installed especially at the corners of your house and also your garage, plus some of the device comes with a video display or CCTV provided by security companies (optional).
  3. Make sure your window view of the outside surrounding is not being blocked by trees (make sure that it is always trim), bushes or any items and if possible use low lying or low cut types of landscaping.
  4. It always helps to take extra precautions by installing a simple magnetic door alarms on the entrance and back doors where it provides you with a loud noise when it is separated from the doors. Other simple thing to do is putting a rod or a broom handle at the base of your patio doors because it helps keep intruders from sliding open your door easily.
  5. Do not hide your house key anywhere outside of your house whether under your front door mat, inside flower pot or on top of your porch or door.
  6. If you subscribe to a daily newspaper, or letters or fliers, always pick it up and do not leave it idle in front of your door for a long time. If you are out of town, make sure to ask for someone\’s help in collecting all of the items. Also not to forget to set up several lights and radio that you can set on a timer so that all the device can be turned on according to your specific time.

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