Installing an Electrical Breaker Switch in a Breaker Box

Electric components are tricky to install. Many of us don’t know much of how electric functions. The ones who know are lucky and know their way around.

Whenever you open up the front cover of your breaker box, you will be able to see a small black switch known as breakers. Breakers are used for replacing fuses in domestic electrical applications simply because it can be switched back on. As for fuse, once it is blown up it will be able to be used again and will need to be replaced. It is easy to install breaker switches and it really helps in protecting your home against potential fire accident.

What you need:

  1. Screwdriver

Electrical Breaker Switch


  1. Firstly, shut off the main breaker before opening the breaker box, which is the large black switch that is separated from the rows of smaller circuit breakers. By turning it off, all the power within your house will be cut off. You have to be well-prepared to take this step. It is better if you know your way around this so that you don’t shut off something else in error. Since shutting of the main breaker is very important for this step will shut down your place’s electricity, it is better and important to switch the heavy appliances that are constantly on electricity at your house. Appliances like refrigerator, microwaves, air conditioners, water heaters etc all need electricity to work and these are the appliances that we use most of the time, which means that they stay on for a very long time. Switching them off before shutting off the main breaker is important so as not to shock them by suddenly switching off the main breaker.
  2. The next step is for you to remove the screws securing the breaker box front panel before taking the panel off. Before taking this step, make sure that all the electricity has been shut down successfully. This is to avoid any injuries. So, check the electric situation before undergoing this step.
  3. Once you open the breaker box, choose the vacant place where you want to install the new breaker.
  4. Ensure that you align the new breaker along with the other breakers and press it firmly until it clicks into the breaker slot at its top and bottom.
  5. Then, you have to replace the front panel on the breaker box and screw it back on it.
  6. Once done, you may turn on the power back as usual.
  7. That’s how you install an electrical breaker switch in a breaker box.

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