Installing bathroom vents

Bathroom exhaust fan is the typical type of bathroom vents for most of the houses. This is a project that you can take a few hours to complete. A properly installed bathroom exhaust fan will make your bathroom steam and odor free. Other functions of having bathroom vents are to remove unwanted smells, mold and mildew. It can also reduce dust, allergens and dander. Here are the steps on how to install bathroom vents.

Things that you need:

  1. Bathroom exhaust fan
  2. carpentry tools
  3. handsaw or reciprocal saw


  1. First, determine what type and model of bathroom exhaust fan you will need for the project. Some common models come with allergen-reducing filters. While others are simple and utilitary systems that only serve as fan-powered vents.
  2. Then, locate an area of the bathroom that offers a definite and clear route for venting. Most models found in home improvement stores mount either in the exterior wall of the home or in the ceiling.
  3. Next, wear your eye protection and gloves. Cut the hole in which the exhaust fan will be mounted using a small handsaw or a reciprocal saw. Cut an opening according to the template tracing included with the bathroom exhaust fan. Cut a 1/8 inch in from the template edge as this will allow room to remove more material if needed.
  4. Trace the wiring leading to the bathroom\’s main light. This is the place where you will wire in the exhaust fan. You should understand the home\’s electrical wiring system before connecting the bathroom exhaust fan. Avoid doing any electrical work without turning off the entire house electricity at the breaker box. Connect the exhaust fan wiring following the wiring schematic provided with the fan to the house.
  5. Install the ventilation duct provided with the unit. You have to make sure that the duct must run from the bathroom exhaust fan to a root soffit that leads outside. Point the actual duct vent downwards where it leads outside to prevent rain or debris from entering the hose when venting the unit.

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