Installing Solar Lamp Post

Solar Lamp Post

Every country in the world is now turning their heads from the old-school electricity generated goods to solar powered ones. Though not every electrical things are solar powered, most people are trying to use the options available to them. For example, why use electricity generated lights when you can use solar powered ones? Why use battery when you can have the sun to power up your calculator? Of course, solar-powered goods tend to be slightly more expensive than the common electricity generated ones, but when you think about the monthly electricity bills that you need to pay, you\’ll realize which is more expensive.

So why not use solar powered lamp post to light up your garden instead? It\’s brighter than the usual ones, and the designs aren\’t bad at all. Also, they\’re still able to light up even during a power outage. Most importantly, it\’s friendly towards the environment and free too, in the sense of monthly electricity bills. So after spending on your chosen lamp post, you can save up on the after sale service by installing the lamp post yourself. You\’ll need your lamp post, of course, and a shovel for your digging.

The first step is of course to locate the exact location you would want your solar lamp post to be. Just remember to choose a spot whereby the sun shines the most on. Once you\’ve done this, the next thing you need to do is to start the digging. You\’ll need at least half a meter deep for good stability. Further deeper is fine, as long as it\’s not lesser than the suggested depth. Most solar lamp posts have a pointed end at the bottom for simple insert. If not, then you\’ll need a small post around 2 feet deep into the ground. A 3 foot 4×4 wood plank is good enough to be a small post. This gives the lamp some extra height and also a platform.

Finally, if the light of your lamp post are those of the type that needs to be fixed unto, unlike most solar lamp posts, then you\’ll need to drill a small hole into the centre of the post and place the light onto it. You\’ll need to make sure that the light fits perfectly into the hole you drilled or else it\’ll fall out anytime. And with all the steps mentioned completed, you\’re done and all you need to do now is too wait till sundown and enjoy the warm glow that\’s given out from your new solar lamp post.

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