Making a Pin Cushion out of Household Items

Pin Cushion

Here is how you can make a pin cushion out of an empty tuna can and a kitchen sponge.

  1. First of all, clean out your empty tuna can. You may need to soak it with dishwashing detergent for a few days to get rid of the fishy smell. Once you have gotten rid of the smell, clean it and leave it to dry. It would be advisable to peel off the label before you even open the can to make sure that it comes off easily. This is because labels become harder to peel after they come in contact with oil or water. A tip to remove labels easily would be to spread a thin layer of peanut butter over them and leave them overnight. You will find that the label comes off easily and in one piece the next day.
  2. Once you have your tuna can cleaned out, pick a kitchen sponge that is slightly bigger than the tuna can. It should also be slightly thicker than the tuna can\’s height. Kitchen sponges used to wash dishes work best because of their size and height. It is okay if the kitchen sponge has a scoring pad attached. You can either rip it out or leave it as it is.
  3. Next, press the tuna can over the kitchen sponge and trace around it lightly.
  4. Using a pen knife, slowly cut out the shape that you have traced onto the sponge. Do not attempt to cut it out with a pair of scissors as this will give you an odd-shaped sponge. The best way is to start by pulling the knife around the circle, cutting deeper and deeper as you go until you get the whole thing out.
  5. After that, cut out a piece of cloth that is approximately the size of the tuna can\’s base plus its height all around. Place the tuna can right in the middle of the piece of cloth. Using a glue gun, spread a string of glue around the edge of the cloth. Fold the cloth in and stick the edges to the inside surface of the tuna can. This is to cover up the sharp edges of the tuna can to prevent unwanted mishaps. Leave the glue to dry before you start on the next step.
  6. Once the glue has dried, spread glue from the glue gun all over the inside surface of the tuna can. Press the round piece of kitchen sponge that you cut out earlier into the tuna can and leave it to dry. You now have a completed pin cushion.

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